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December 12, 2013
By HannahLynne GOLD, Hutchinson, Kansas
HannahLynne GOLD, Hutchinson, Kansas
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I sat talking to my Lab. He's 11 and will probably be gone soon. He has tumors, but he is too old and it's no use trying to treat them. He was around when me step dad was around. In fact, my lab was his dog. When my step dad left, my dog T-bone would cry and whine until he got home, not resting at all. But when my step dad died, he didn't whine, he sort of just accepted it.

Anyways, I sat laying my head on him and rubbing his belly. I talked to him about how much I missed him. I told him about how I wished with all my life I could go back and say a few things to him. I asked him if he missed his dad.

The minute I said dad, his ears perked up. As if, he thought I was saying he was back. Tears escaped my eyes, knowing he didn't understand. I shook my head, telling him he wasn't around. He slowly laid his head back down. Tears where streaming down my face by this time. I buried my face in his fur, trying to comfort him and myself. When I looked up, I saw one little tear escape my dog's eye. This made me realize that maybe he hadn't forgotten. Maybe he had hurt feelings too. He missed his dad, as much as I did.

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