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Change Is Hard

February 22, 2012
By breanna123242 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
breanna123242 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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The childhood memories that only grow more fiction as we get older. we used to be best friends? what happened?! do you think switching schools had to effect how you acted? It all started in about 6th grade when you came to my elementary school. i was excited. The first couple of weeks of 6th grade were the best! having my best friend was like a dream come true to a girl like me. But what i never expected was catching walking pneumonia at the beginning of the year. i missed 3 weeks of school since it took awhile to go away. I have always blamed myself for this change of our friendship. when i had left she had become friends with a girl. I personally didn't like her but i wouldn't have minded if they were friends. but things just got bad from there. she changed. i came back expecting to have the time of my life but instead i get drama. Then rumors spread of that girl asking her out so she stopped being friends with her. then she went to the next level of popularity of a girl who hated me. They became besties and i had no one. then she went to the ultimate level of popularity ta our school. the type of girls to make out with boys and date them. yeah that was her. we grew apart. i and the disappointment of watching my best friends since i was like 4 acting like a high schooler. and it went on and on until 8th grade. sure we were still what she thought ''friends'' but i never told her how i felt. In 8th grade (this present year) we are friends. a little closer but not like we used to be. she still pretty much cares about boys. but anyway she became best friends with a girl. she had piercings, extensions, the perfect body, pretty face, perfect complexion and she always teased her hair etc. she influenced you to do the worst things but you don't care. Not one little bit. from this day on i regret the day i got sick. i still believe its my fault. all me. disagree? well i don't care because i know its all my fault

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