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In Fate's Arms

May 20, 2011
By Dedegirl PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
Dedegirl PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
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People always tell you “everything happens for a reason.” Fate decides what will happen to you. Well at least that’s what I believe. There are many things in life that you cannot control. Sure there are lots of things that your own decisions can control or alter but things like death, you can’t do anything about. I learned this the hard way, on November 30th 2010. I guess when you lose someone close to you like I did it’s easier to see where I’m coming from. So let me tell you a story of a girl and her struggle in fate’s arms.

I woke up normal time, 4:52am to my alarm going off for me to get in the shower. Oddly as I got up, the phone rang. I heard the distant murmur of my dad on the phone. I couldn’t quite make out was he was saying, but this was strange because my dad doesn’t get up till 6:00am. I thought to myself for a little bit and then walked to his bedroom. Time froze when I realized he was describing my mom’s condition to the woman on the phone, I saw the pain glisten in his eyes like the sun light does when you first walk outside. I quickly looked over at my mom lying in bed. She was breathing heavily and gasping. I ran over to her and repeatedly asked her if she could hear me, her eyes weren’t responsive.

I looked down and slowly a tear ran down my cheek. I began to cry. My cries were sharp and loud, piercing almost. Like a baby who is hungry for milk, but in my case I wasn’t crying for what I wanted but for what had happened. We rushed to the hospital shortly after the ambulance had got her. Soon after, fate took my mom. Death to me is absence. Fate is fortune, and in my mom’s case fate was death. Every day we face fate, whether its how your hair will fall across your face in the morning or if you’ll get to meet the love of your life for the first time. Fate is our future, we can make decisions of our own that will lead us to different points in our lives but it will always come down to fate.

I choose to live my life positively, I have a quote I wrote saying “Live your life to the fullest of your extent, not to others. Love till you can’t love anymore, focus on the present and your future will be what you deserve.” This quote is how I choose to live my life. Clean and not worrying about tomorrow but today. I believe living this way will help me have a better fate, a better outcome to a more fulfilled and happy life. I hope to one day inspire people. I want to help them understand that fate will always make decisions for you but that doesn’t mean you can’t make decisions for yourself as well.

Even though I have lost my mother, I have gained strength along with many other things. I have learned lessons many fourteen year olds won’t even come close to understanding or experiencing for years. I have found peace, and I have grown. I learn more and more everyday and I will always strive to make the best of what I have, because of fate, I have become who I am today.

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