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You're an Epic Fail

November 24, 2010
By LadyShady GOLD, Jamaica, New Jersey
LadyShady GOLD, Jamaica, New Jersey
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"To the people I forgot, you weren't on my mind for some reason and you probably don't deserve any thanks anyway." - Eminem

As my best friend, I felt obliged to type the three letter word "yes" to him. And as soon as I did, I thought of all the possible ways that I could break it off with him, and how long I should wait. But I didn't. I stayed with him. For five months. I realized, not only had our friendship disintigrated, but I was falling for him. We texted each other all day and all night, made stupid excuses to get out of class and meet in the hallways, we just were. We were just together.
He was ALL that I thought about. And I liked feeling that way, because I had never been in love before.
The one day, he said three words that made my heart stop for a second. "I love you". And I was so shocked, I just said it right back...and that was a mistake.
I didn't know how stupid I was to tell my boyfriend that I loved him, but, I felt as if it was the right thing to say at the time. A week later, he comes up to me and tells me that he thinks he should just be friends. I stifled laughter, because at that moment, I knew that no matter what, we wouldn't be friends. I mean, I knew him, and I knew he would find something to start a dilema.
And I was right this time. He had lied behind me back to everyone I knew. And everyone knew the lies before it came around to me. He had told everyone that I couldn't kiss, I had bitten his lip, and tried to french him, and grabbed him. Not only is the question where he got those ideas from, but it also was why would he do that to me? But he never gave me an answer. He just kept rumors alive and actually hurt me. But he lost me, and he'll regret it. I won't do anything, but he'll realize it in time. There's a lot more to me than he ever saw. =]

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