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The Naruto. [ Part II ]

October 7, 2009
By Wolfsong GOLD, Willow Spring, North Carolina
Wolfsong GOLD, Willow Spring, North Carolina
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When we logged back in, I told him the only thing that would be running through my head as I slept was the sound of his voice. He said, “Lol, the only thing that will be running through my head is 'Ummm... Ummm... Ummm...'”
He thought it was funny. I didn't. I typed “lol” back, nonetheless. Then I told him I had to leave. It was time for bed.

A little while after our first phone conversation, I finally told him I had to tell him something. He was cool with me talking to him, because we had an instant chat box.
So I told him I was attracted to him.
It took me a while, but I finally told him.
“You can make fun of me if you want...” I typed. “I know I'm a freak.”
But he didn't say anything for the longest time.
Oh god, what have I done? I thought to myself, terrified that I lost him because of something I couldn't control.
Finally, he replied, “Why would I make fun of you...? ... I like you, too.”
I was shocked and dismay and joy filled my heart to its bursting point.
He liked me too!
I never expected it. Never. But something in the back of my mind told me to log off. But I didn't listen.
“Now I guess I'm the freak, lol.” He typed after a while of me gaping at the computer screen.
“Nonononono.” I typed, as quickly as I could. “You're not.”
Then I sat back in my chair, sighing. He liked me back. We typed for hours back and forth, exchanging personal messages, talking in the chat box, and, finally, it was time for me to go to bed.
“I g2g,” I typed. “Srry.”
“Bye,” He replied. “See you 2morrow.”
I went to bed that night, proud of myself for what I had done. But, somewhere in the back of my mind, I wasn't proud. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, was fear.

My mom's call woke me up. It was probably 12 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon, and she didn't sound too happy. I, however, was ecstatic. I had everything I could ever want. A guy to like me like I liked him, friends (even if they were online,) and everything was fine at school.
“Yeah mom?” I called.
“Come here!”
I trotted down the stairs and rounded the corner to find my mother, sitting on the couch with that look on her face. A look I'll never forget.
“Yes?” I repeated.
“----,” My mom said my name in a tone I thought was passive-aggressive. “Who's this?”
She held up the phone, and I felt my tongue get caught in my throat. It was Matt's work number. My mother had checked the call log. She had talked to him before, I forgot to mention, about him not asking for my address. She was kind to him, and she was very firm. She just wanted to protect her little girl.
But she knew who it was that I called. She just wanted to hear from my mouth that I had called him without permission.
“I don't know.” I lied.
My mom's eyes narrowed. “You called him.”
I shifted uncomfortably before I finally said, “Yes, I did.”
She chewed me out, but I wasn't listening. My head was caught in the clouds. He said something about throwing the computer out our second floor window, but I was more concerned about Matt, and if he was online at the moment. Then she said something that caught my attention.
“If you want to give out our information, you're not allowed on the computer again. Ever.”
That hit me. Hard.
“Mom,” I cried. “I promise, I won't ever call him again, PLEASE let me get back on!”
I pleaded and pleaded, it was pitiful, really. She stood strong, though. She wouldn't let me get back on.
So it was like that for a couple of days.
Finally, I guess she thought I was telling the truth, because she let me back online.

More to come.

The author's comments:
The second part to The Naruto. 'Sitting here, alone, with nothing to do but my homework, I am reminded of this terrible thing that could have been... '

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on Oct. 19 2009 at 12:48 pm
Its easier to talk to people online or on the phone...