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2021 Kindness Contest: Scoliosis Brace

November 18, 2021
By Rainbow_Lover BRONZE, Wayzata, Minnesota
Rainbow_Lover BRONZE, Wayzata, Minnesota
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I had recently gotten a diagnosis of scoliosis and 3 months later a scoliosis back brace. Scoliosis is a medical condition where your spine is curved and it affects around 2% of the population. I had never known what scoliosis is or what wearing a back brace would be like until I dealt with it myself. Sometimes people would bully me about my brace, other times they would ask me questions. I didn’t mind the questions, in fact I was totally happy to answer any questions people had if it meant they wouldn’t be rude about it. Although some people made comments such as “Can’t you just take off your brace?” and “Can you get your brace out of my face?” When people were making these comments I got really upset and eventually stopped wearing my brace altogether. One day I sat down with my mom and told her how people were bullying me about my brace and how I had been lying to her about wearing my brace. I thought she would be really mad at me but she was the total opposite. She told me that I should be wearing my brace but she understood why. She suggested I sit down with the kid and our assistant director and talk about scoliosis and why what he was doing was so harmful. I was super anxious for the conversation but it couldn’t have gone better. The person who was bullying me immediately apologized and said he didn’t know how hurt I was by the comments he was making. Now, every so often I will see him in the hall and he will ask me how I am doing and ask me if there is anything he can do for me. This really shows how people can change and how sometimes people might not know that what they are doing is harmful to others. This demonstrates an act of kindness because when the person stopped to view my perspective then they grew in their understanding of how their behavior impacted someone else's life.

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