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Life Revealed: Middle School

March 5, 2009
By Sarah Nieuwkoop BRONZE, Westland, Michigan
Sarah Nieuwkoop BRONZE, Westland, Michigan
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Q: What is it like to be a middle school student at this age?
A: I think it’s okay, but the drama is annoying. Also it is fun because we have more freedom than we did in elementary school.

Q: What are the biggest obstacles?
A: my biggest obstacles are balancing friends and school and getting along with the teachers.

Q: What do you think should change about middle school?
A: I think we should be able to have more time in the hallway. It seems like I’m always rushing from class to class, and never get to see my friends.

Q: What is the worst thing that has happened to you so far in middle school?
A: Nothing really to me, but some of my friends have had some rough times.

Q: What was the best?
A: Meeting the people who are now my best friends. Also, when my friends and I have lunch everyday, its so fun.

Q: What is your most challenging class in middle school?
A: Well of course my advanced classes. They are the hardest because they are more fast pace, and we are learning harder things.

Q: What is your easiest?
A: my electives.

Q: what is the most distracting thing for you at this age?
A: well, of course, boys. hha;D

Q: Over all, are you enjoying middle school?
A: Yeah. It is very fun (well the seeing your friends part anyway).

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