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Best Friends Forever and ever

November 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Throughout my whole life I have had friends and then I have had BEST FRENDS! I have only had three best friends. One of the first best friends that I ever had was named Andre and he was born one month and four days before I was. He was there when I was born because my mom and his mom are best friends. He was the first friend I made and I have known him for 14 years. He is one of the three people who knows that I am a crazy, insane, and bizarre freak. I know that they all are wonderful people ha ha ugh. They are really fun and I have even lived bye Andre for two years. Then when I was two I moved closer to San Franco. We were only 20 minuets away from Andre in a little town in the bay area. Almost every single day I went over to his house or he came over to my house.

Julia was my second friend that I met through my sister (Bailey) because she was friends with Julia’s sister. The sister’s name was Claire. My family had Andre and his family over and Claire’s family came over too. Before that day I didn’t know that she existed in the world. I thought that it was just me, my family, Andre, his family, and the people all around us. When we met I really liked her and thought she was awesome. I was only two and she just turned two. She was two mouths younger than me. We had a lot in common. She likes to ski I love to ski we both at the time had sisters. She new everything about me and Andre all are secrets. Andre, Julia and I no one could separate us. We all were hung out 24/7!!!!!!

Three great years went bye. We were getting closer and we were just about to start preschool. We had the first week gone bye and I loved school because I got to hang with my best friends. And then we went home and we played all day. I loved preschool. I was very fun. Was able to enjoy it a lot! I had my favorite people in the world with me by my side!! And we met other people to and they liked all of my friends! Two I was very excited because I have more friend t o hang out. Then a month went bye in preschool. And Julia moved a way to Florida. We were all really said  and didn’t want her to go. Well she left and I was said for a week and so was Andre too. Then I stayed in California for a wile and then. I was seven I found out that I was moving to Utah. Was said because I didn’t want to leave Andre. But you had to do what to do.

I left California and went to park city Utah. I met some good friends but not like Andre and Julia. I was in sixths grade I met this girl named Micaela but I called her Mica. She was from Chile. I wasn’t really good friends with her when I was in sixth grade I mean yes we hung out but I wasn’t best friends. But then she came back from chile. And I saw her for the first time and her old friend was being mean to her. That girls name was sierra. When I was her it was like we were best friends forever. Then I had her meat all of my friends. We always hung out every weekend. Of the school year until she left for Chile but this year she wasn’t coming back to year. We were on ski team together and did every thing together. Once when my sister went to Chile last year she was going of a jump and broke her leg Mica’s mom helped her out how ever she could . I love her to death. I went to Chile to see her and did some races but sadly she couldn’t ski race with me because she broke her foot again I was pretty said cause she brings me out to do my best and same with me I brings out her. I miss her and this year she is not coming back because her dad signed a contracted and there going to live there for two years in Canada whistler, but the good thing is about the move is that the 2010
Olympics! Lucky I can go and see her this year in the summer because I may go to Chile again. Though I hope to make it to the whistler cup. To see her again and not in nine mouths.

I LOVE ALL MY BEST FRIENDS!!!!! There the best in the whole wide world!!

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