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A Computer Miracle Worker - Prasad A.

April 21, 2008
By Anonymous

In the real world of today, many people choose to pursue a career in the computer world. There are many different types of computer workers; there are some who just oversee the mainframe/big picture, and there are others who focus on the little tiny details that generate great effects on programs. My father, Prasad A., is one of the computer workers who focus on the minute details in projects. He has 22+ years of experience, and has worked with various companies, running their computers. My dad sat down for an interview with me.

1. What is your profession?
I’m a Computer professional. Currently, I'm a Chief Architect in IBM, a company that finds solutions to problems for other businesses, large or small.

2. Who or What inspired you to do what you do?
I’ve always loved problem solving and helping others find their solutions. To create computer Infrastructure architecture designs and solutions that resolve complex issues for large corporations or organizations seemed like the perfect job for me.

3. What is your salary, and is it the average salary of your profession?
My salary is $165,000. It’s not the average salary for people in my line of work. The average salary for a Computer Architect in the US is $100,000. The reason my salary is higher is because the work I do requires me to fly to and from the place I am sent to solve problems for. Currently, I’m working for Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s a company a lot like Meijer.

4. What are the requirements of your job?
A high school degree is one of the main requirements to become a computer architect. Also, people in my line of work studied the required college education in Computer Engineering design and architectural courses.

5. What do you consider to be the best aspect of your job?
For me, the best aspect of my job is when we deploy (or figure out a solution to a problem and send it to the required location) a complex architectural application successfully into a Production environment (where it is needed), and users are using it without any issues or complaints.

6. Is there a good outlook for this job in the future? Why or why not?
I do believe that there is a good outlook for this job in the future. The computer profession is going to grow due to the fact that lots of new applications are developing to resolve issues day by day.

7. Would you encourage today's youth to look for jobs in your field of work and why?
I’d certainly encourage today’s youth to look for jobs in the computer industry. The youth have to consider this computer profession because it needs a lot of thinking, education and developing new technologies to help mankind. This field, in general, can fit a lot of different categories, and there are plenty of opportunities for everyone. Plus, the salaries for computer workers are a fantastic reward for all the work that is required of the employees!

8. How does your job make you feel?
Doing my job gives me a really great feeling. Not only am I getting a good name in the society, but I’m helping people find solutions to problems and doing something I’m good at.

9. In what ways are you happy with your job? In what ways are you dissatisfied with your job?
I feel very happy when I resolved a critical issue for an organization. Also, I’m happy that my job gives me the chance to travel locally, across the country, and globally. I’m not dissatisfied with my job at all!

Being a computer architect has given the chance for my dad to rise to higher positions and accomplish feats he never thought he could do. This job is perfect for him because he enjoys helping people find solutions and loves to travel. This way, my dad can see the country and help people! My dad can find solutions to any problem that anybody approaches him with. To him, this is normal, everyday work that happens to be his job. To me, this makes him a miracle-worker.

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