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Monster: Interview with the Authors

February 24, 2011
By InsaneRoman GOLD, Savona, New York
InsaneRoman GOLD, Savona, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"He's no longer living."
"What happened?"
"He died."

How and when did you begin writing Monster?
Becca: At the beginning of 11th grade, Alex had this idea that we should RP. Having never done so before, I thought such a thing would be either boring or confusing. I wasn’t really into it, and honestly believed that once she realized this, it would fade away. So when she had me fill out a character profile thing, I put down the most bogus things that came to mind. That is why “Night” has “red” eyes and “white” hair. I was pulling her leg. It wasn’t until Alex had Damien pressing Night to reveal his “secret” that I had to actually develop one. I had already introduced the vague concept of Night’s vibe-reading abilities, and decided on a spur of the moment to make it something more, and he became a Feeler. If t weren’t for my sarcasm in character development and Alex’s sly plot pushers, Monster wouldn’t be what it is today. Funny how these things work out, eh?
Alex: I don't know exactly when, I'm bad with dates other than birthdays. But it was during CFM, just one of those days with no work and I said, "Hey Becca, why don't you and I write and RP?" She, being the lovable moron she is, didn't know, so I explained, and I had Zeke set up, and she had Night. We started there. <3
How did you narrow down a plot?
Becca: We didn’t. You can tell. It took a while before we had any idea what direction we wanted this to flow. It was hard to reach common ground at first because we have to literally play off each other. Amazing, I know. –wink-
Alex: Umm, we write it, then Becca looks over it and goes, "Oh wow, this piece sucks." and we just rip it out or rewrite it. Lulz.
How does the current story differ from what you originally intended?
Becca: Um, yeah. In the beginning with the DPA stuff, it almost went down a WWIII, science-fictiony path. XD Thankfully the demon/angel concept took off before the story was entirely slaughtered. Essentially, if it weren’t for my smart-ass description of Night and Alex’s improvising skills, Monster would never be what it is today. We still struggle with a few of the older concepts, like how to make sense of the .45. The DPA itself we’ll keep, because it’s needed and does tie in with the demon/angel crap. But… the whole .45 and related crap will probably be cut out entirely when it’s officially published.
Alex: To be completely honest, there was no original plan. At all. That's why the beginning is a bit choppy. Becca will fix that I hope. I'm lazy and useless. -flop- But seriously, we never planned anything until, I believe when Kreo shows up, or is at least mentioned, that we started actually plotting things out. It was, like, halfway through the DPA shit. c:
Are there any deleted scenes or segments that never made it to the submission point?
Becca: OH YEAH. We had this whole huge, long epic fail of a scene that we ultimately had to re-write. That decision led to a very different but stronger plot flow, and was one of the few parts we had to actually map out to overcome writer’s block. I remember sitting in our U.S. History room, gazing at the bulletin board on the wall where Mr. Savoy had the steps to writing an essay. We followed them, from “Identify the problem” to “Brainstorm” and on. We were quite comical about it, and just about everyone in the room was giving us weird looks as we were discussing how and why Crowe would want to bring Mari, Kreo and Denvai back to the Demon Realm. –blush- While some segments from that lost scene were great (in particular, one of Night and Vivian’s famous bickers – this one about Santa Claus – DON’T ASK), it was for the better. Some things can’t be salvaged and still make sense. –shrug-
Alex: Everything. We write and write and write, and with Becca's revising like, half of it doesn't make it in. Kinda sad. But so true. I've thought to write this long sequence, and I went back and erased it all and just wrote something like, "No." and handed it to her.
In your own words, describe any recurring themes and ideas.
Becca: The theme I believe ties in with the title. Ezekiel struggles with the “monster” side within and must deal with misplaced hate for his father. Night goes through the same things with a different twist, struggling to forget his abusive childhood and to overcome the “monster” he feels he is to achieve salvation and inner peace. Another theme at the heart of the story seems to be the concept of things “forbidden”. I don’t want to go too much into this and give too much away, but this theme is at the(bad pun alert XD) very heart of the story. A majority of these characters do what they do just to be acceptable, and almost everybody battles with their heart because their thoughts or actions are “forbidden”. That being said, I guess the ultimate theme throughout would be to “Be yourself, follow your heart, yadda yadda yadda so inspirational way to go”. XD
Alex: Not fitting in, not knowing where you belong... So much emo-ness it would drive any sane person bonkers. (Mostly from Night.) But read the story, you'll see them. It's not like we tried to hide messages and life lessons. They're all pretty blunt.
Looking back now, what about the story would you like to see changed, added or omitted before publication?
Becca: I regret not giving Arai a real personality. If I had taken this all more seriously in the beginning in that critical stage, we wouldn’t have this problem. She’s downright idiotic and serves NO purpose to the story other than the .45 crap, which we wanna take out anyway. That, and there are a few things that no one else could pull off. Blunt things like, “We found you stuck under a really fat guy.”(And ewwww, does THAT sequence need editing as well…). So… she stays. For now.
Also, we concentrate so much on Night he seems like the main character. Okay, so he’s really important, but if he impacts all these people so much, shouldn’t we put more attention on that as well? Specifically the minds of Zeke, Vivian, and Dr. Fauna. He seems to touch them the most in his own way. WE touch on it like once, then never return. It would really make the story stronger.
And the DPA crap? OMG… Dude. Just… dude. WILL. BE. EDITED.
Alex: The entire DPA. It's shit. I hate it. It makes no sense to the rest of the plot. Or, you know, lack there of.
Where would you like to see Monster in the future?
Becca: The only thing stopping me from wanting Monster made into a movie is the fact that they’ll probably ruin it. I mean, it could be great like Harry Potter, or crappy like Twilight. I don’t wanna try my luck. Animated, maybe. Emphasis on maybe. And obviously, I want it published, but wouldn’t an amazing manga series be epic as well? –ridiculous grin-
Alex: I wouldn't mind doing a manga. But I really can't draw. Might get my hubby to do it when he's famous. Movies would be out though. No one would ever want to act in something like this. Oh wait, never mind, they made Twilight a movie. We've definitely got a chance...
Who are your favorite characters and why?
Becca: I like the interesting characters. They have to have a lot of depth to pull me in. Night is so complicated – plus my favorite to be. –huggles Night plushie- I like Crowe because he’s just an amazing villain. A good villain has to have depth anyway. He’s gotta have motives. He’s a bitter, hurt man. Horribly awesome corrupt bad guy. <3 And Vivian. She’s gonna spill to someone soon. She’s gotta. She has so many secrets. I wanna get inside her denying head so bad… And Zeke? If Alex didn’t insist so much on him being in loooooooove with Night, (Not happening. Not this time. Wait for Devon’s fanfic.), I’d date him. He’s a lot more sensitive and caring than any REAL guy. Plus something tells me he’s a LOT better at holding onto relationships than Night. Sorry, Night.
Alex: Night, he's so bitchy. PMSing man. So sarcastic too. I love having him and Vivian bitch back and forth over some of the dumbest things. <333 And as much as I love Arai, she's retarded as hell. We really made her the idiot of this story. But she's still such a fragile little sweetheart.

Favoritism aside, which characters play the most vital, story-driving roles?
Becca: Well, let’s see if we can make sense of this… Fauna is in charge of travel. Because Vivian offered up her home. Because Night guilted her into it. Because Basset came to warn them. He left because of freaky ass Crowe, Kaetel and Ryo. Who are planning this horrible deed. Because the King is blind and pathetic. Because of something that happened in his past. Which, really, goes back to Kreo. (This will make sense later on)
O_______o I guess that makes Kreo the most important character…???
Alex: Night. Zeke.

Yeah, that's about it.
Which two characters would you pay to see have a face-off? Who would win?
Becca: Some of my favorite scenes are the fights between Night and Vivian. They’re battles of wits, not only between them, but between Alex and I. If push came to shove, however, if things did get violent, Vivian would pummel his ass into the ground in 2.4 seconds flat. For one, he’s a baby. Two, she’s got all the classic demon traits that Night pretty much lacks, plus that cursed mist that can slice, bind and smother. He’d be a goner for sure.
It would be interesting to see Crowe try to lay a finger on Mari or the Chorizine boys with Kreo around. Even though Kreo is pretty peaceful, he’d sooner rip Crowe’s throat out. If it was just Kreo and Crowe, it would be a done deal. Kreo’s demon genes have more “warrior attributes” that Crowe, who is more of a classic, regal type like Night. But, if Crowe had backup like he usually does (chicken), then… it wouldn’t be fair…
And I can totally see Dr. Fauna lecturing Ryo on what a crappy loser parent he was to Night. Although Kaetel did a pretty good job of that herself…
Alex: Oh, I would love to see Night and Zeke go at it. Such good friends, but I know I could pay them enough to rip each other's lungs out. And I don't think either would win. I just want it to end in juicy man on man action. -wink-
How do the character(s) reflect you?
Becca: Night is surprisingly like me. The sarcasm, the depression… to a point. Obviously. Night is fictional, and I never went through anything close to what he did. AND, I’m respectful. Just thought I’d throw that out there, because Night is NOT.
Alex: Actually, with the way I personally write, it's funny. I put a bit of myself into every character. Shianne has my headstrong in a bad situation-ness. And Zeke's got that bit of shyness that can be overcome by friends. But that's just me.
Who do you feel is the strongest character? Physically? Mentally?
The weakest?
Becca: Strongest? Hmm… Kreo is pretty damn strong. Think about it. After all he had to go through, and now hearing all these horrific lies about his family’s fate… he’s handled it pretty well. –shrug- Weakest? Night’s bark is bigger than his bite. Anyone can see that. He’s a wimp. Poor baby. But he’s still a wimp. Physically, Vivi. She’s a 7 year old human. I mean, DURRR!
Alex: Strongest would probably have to be either Shianne, or Fauna. Both know they have to keep everyone together and sane, no matter how difficult it may get. They may see fragile, but they know how to handle rough situations. Physically, I think either Shianne or Arai are the weakest. They're only girls. -shrug- Mentally, it's gotta be Night. He put up a wall, but that doesn't mean if you were able to break down that wall, that the first touch would break him like glass.
The most trustworthy?
Becca: Shianne. She knows what to do to comfort and support. Zeke’s a close second, followed by his mother. Marielle’s an angel. What more can be said there?
Alex: Umm, perhaps Zeke? Or Shianne. They both seem like people you could just pour your heart and soul out to and they'd be there for you, no matter what. Guess I put more of myself into these characters than I thought.
The most likely to rat you out?
Becca: Hmm… Crowe. He’d play you, string you along until you’re no longer needed, then he’ll find a way to frame you the moment he becomes bored or you get an opinion of your own. Vivian would rat out certain people just out of spite. *coughnightcough* It’s a power game with her. She’s scared to give that up. And Basset. That’s right, Basset. But you didn’t hear that from me…
Alex: Vivian. If money or power were involved, then without a doubt. And Crowe, and Ryo, and Kaetel. Pretty much anyone with the villain stamp of approval.
Most gullible?
Becca: ARAI.
Alex: Arai.
Biggest manipulator?
Becca: Oh jeez… Night and Crowe. On different levels obviously. Crowe is just a conniving stinker, as mentioned above. Night lives what he learned, and defenseless and alone in a demon society isn’t the ideal place to grow up. Later on with Basset’s loose guidance, he gained skills for wiggling things out of people. He does it all the time, especially with Vivian. And notice how every time the conversation turns on him or doesn’t go the way he wanted, he always finds a way to twist it around and get what he wanted from you since the beginning, leaving you wondering what happened? Yeah. He’s good at that. Another professional player is Basset. Yes, hidden deep in the shadows, he’s as big a player as the rest. He’ll get you to trust him. But these demons… you can’t trust ‘em.
Alex: Crowe, or Ryo, they both tell people what they want them to hear to get what they want. Vivian used to, not so much anymore.
Most serious personality?
Becca: Crowe is pretty intense. He’s very serious about it all. He’s a man who goes for things with an ax in hand in case someone gets in the way, too.
Alex: Ryo. He's like an angry rock. Such an asshole. -kicks-
Most laid back?
Becca: Vivi seems pretty nonchalant, even for a 7 year old… You’d think a kid that age would be taking it worse.
Alex: Hmmm, probably going with Arai. It's not really the fact she's laid back, which she is, but man, she never knows what's going on. She's just there. Lulz.

Who is the most in-control, always on top of things?
Becca: Fauna always seems to be a day ahead. Unfortunately, so does Crowe…
Alex: Again, going with Shianne or Fauna like I said before. They always seem to be the ones to calm people down or get juicy secrets for the readers.
Who is the most unstable?
Becca: You mean besides Night, who’ll probably end up killing himself by chapter 35? Vivian. Pay attention. She’s a wreck. At least Night admits to himself that he has issues.
Alex: Night. He's going to crack any second. I just know it. And Ryo isn't unstable, so much as he's just a huge penis.
Who has the clearest motives?
Becca: Um, Mari and Kreo. They’re parents who want their kids safe for once. It’s as simple as that.
Alex: In this story? Nobody. Seriously.
Who is the most mysterious?
Becca: Damien is pretty vague, and so is Christopher. I mean, how did a Russian come to work for the U.S. government? And what kind of man would run a joint like the DPA?
But probably the most mysterious is the Demon King. Am I right? Just by the stuff Basset’s said? As if Basset actually knew anything on the subject. … Wait…
Alex: Either Kreo or Mari, they never really told the boys much about themselves. Becca and I know all the details. No one else though. Or Arai's dad. He's in jail. -shrug-
Who could you label the most deceitful?
Becca: Oooh, that’s a hard one. Name all the demons for me.
There you go.
Alex: Anyone with a villain label. They're all a bunch of lying, conniving assholes in it all for themselves. Crowe is a good example.
The most honest?
Becca: Dr. Fauna is brutally honest to a fault. Even if you don’t wanna hear it.
Alex: Your mom. IDK.
The most likely to succeed?
Becca: Shianne. She just seems the most bounce-back-able and down to earth.
Alex: No one. They all will end up working in fast food. No actually, I have no idea. Probably Sarah. She seems like she could be the head of some big company, right?
Most likely to get killed?
Becca: You can’t tell me that no one, sooner or later, is gonna wanna give Crowe the what-for and the how-to and the why-come, okay? He’s got it comin’.
And if Night keeps it up, he’ll be next. Vivian’s like that dog down the street. Taunting today, running for your life tomorrow… -shrugs indifferently- Oh crap. The gate’s open. Oops, tee-hee. I’m dead.
Alex: Truthfully, I wanna kill Shianne off. She helps too much. OTL
Best friends?
Becca: Shianne and Arai. For sure.
Alex: Night+Zeke+Shianne+Arai=Besties.
Worst enemies?
Becca: Ooooh… that’s a tricky question…
Oh, wait, no it’s not! –bonk- The angels and demons!!! –is a genius-
Alex: Night and Vivian. Everyone else pretty much gets along.
Who is the loudest character?
Becca: Won’t shut up: Night.
Most prone to spastic outbursts: Arai.
Most likely to lose cool: Vivian.
Alex: Night. Or Vivian. With the constant bickering and all. I mean, Vivian can be kind of nice sometimes, but she's mostly a bitch.
The quietest?
Becca: Zeke is pretty quiet for most of this story. It must be really awkward for him, and Night isn’t very supportive. And Basset. He’s too quiet.
Alex: Zeke. He can be a bit chatty, but he's pretty much the quietist of the group. Either that, or Sarah. Don't know who she is? Then I guess she's pretty quiet, huh?
Biggest flirt?
Becca: OMFG. Night instantly jumps to mind. I’m not saying he starts the fights all the time, but when he bugs Vivian just to get a reaction out of her? I’d label that as flirting. Even though they’d have to be seriously drunk and probably stoned too, to actually get together, he does it. A lot. Kinda scary, actually. And she doesn’t notice? Too busy planning ways to kill him, I’ll bet.
No, but really, we all know Kaetel takes the gold here. What a sucking-up gold digger.
Alex: Probably Kaetel. She says she's never had sex, but we all know she's lying.
Biggest bully?
Becca: You’d almost wanna say Ryo, but when it comes right down to it, Crowe’s behind most of even that…
Alex: Ryo, he's an ass. As mentioned above.

Most deserving of a slap in the face?
Becca: You’re making me choose ONE? Really? Can’t I just send them all to the slapping machine? I’m pretty sure the DPA has one, cuz they’re maniacs like that.
Alex: Everyone. Jeez. Bunch of whiny asses.
Most deserving of a hug?
Becca: Vivi. Awww…
Alex: Vivi, she's only 7. All adorable 7 year olds need hugs.
Becca: By mere stupidity: Arai.
Due to being annoying: Night.
Alex: The authors.
Becca: lol Um… The waiter. No, Arai and Shianne’s parents! XD
Alex: Basset. He's so boring. And Arai, but that's because she's an idiot.
Who should be lovers?
Becca: ROFL. Mari and Kreo. No matter what anybody says. It obviously happened for a reason. – easy cop-out answer-
Alex: NIGHT AND ZEKE FTW! Nah, Becca already told me no. Lets hope I can change her opinion. <333
What would be the worst pairing?
Becca: Vivi and anybody. … Well?
Alex: Vivian and Night. o3o Aren’t I just so terrible. Or, you know, Zeke and Denvai. Incest is the best they always say.

And who, for the love of God, should stay single FOREVER?
Becca: WOW. Crowe. And Ryo. And Damien. And the waiter, because he’s weird.
Alex: Denvai. And Ryo. Neither could make anyone happy in any situation. They just all around suck ass. Majorly. Hate them.
Any other comments?
Becca: If you don’t read Monster after this, I will seriously kill you. T_____T
And of course, we love all the Monster followers. <3
AND and, if you have any questions to add, (we have to add some anyway), just let us know. –la-
Alex: Becca made me do this. I had fun, and if you guys don't go read it, I'll rip your liver out. -points- Now. Hey, I'm even being nice and giving you the link to the Prologue. Enjoy...

The author's comments:
My friend Alex and I are collaborating on a piece called Monster. I'm posting this funny interview we did together because, even though Monster cannot be found here on teenink (except the prologue), it may entertain, and perhaps, if you are interested enough, you might follow the link at the bottom of said interview and check out the story. It's a fantasy piece with a lovely message. :)

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