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Last Tuesday

January 11, 2010
By Claire Westlie GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Claire Westlie GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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It is your average morning. The time? 6:45AM and Steve, age 16, is in the shower, like his is every day. After cleansing his hair with Axe shampoo, he heads downstairs for breakfast. Last Tuesday, that breakfast was Corn Pops. Last Tuesday, Steve needed to think long and hard about the future.
Steve, a junior, seems like your average teenage guy, but he’s not. “I like unicorns,” said Steve thoughtfully, but last Tuesday Steve didn’t have time to think about unicorns.
Baseball is Steve’s passion. “It’s a good time, yeah,” said an animated Steve, “I played second base for the JV team last summer. Watch out Felipe Lopez, Steven's on his way to the major league, but not last Tuesday.
Steve is also bilingual. “It’s fun,” said a spastic Steve commenting on his Spanish III class. Unfortunately, last Tuesday those bilingual skills couldn’t help poor Steve.
Love and happiness fills Steve’s heart, but there is one part of Steve’s day that he hates. College Accounting. “It’s hard and boring,” said a melancholic Steve.
Poor Steve couldn’t use all this skills and brain power last Tuesday. His athletics, bilingual skills and his useful college accounting knowledge couldn’t help him in any way.
Last Tuesday was the day. The day his mother asked for his Christmas list. “I had Corn Pops,” said a nostalgic Steve. But there was one problem; Steve didn’t know what he wanted for Christmas. Steve looked thoughtful when he contemplated what he could ask for. He could get a new iPod, a baseball bat, or maybe a new sweater. All Steve could think of was this;

“I hope to get a surprise.”

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