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Umapathy Asokan: CTDI Career Interview

May 10, 2009
By NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
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My dad works in a company called CTDI. He mainly works there because he has to, he had no choice. He really doesn’t like to work there, but he has adapted to the work area. He started to work there in the year of 1997. So he has been working there for a while. Now I will ask him some questions.
What exactly is your job?
My job is pretty easy. All I pretty much do is program two way radios and pagers. I program a specific frequency for the customer’s request. The radios are programmed with a model number and shipped to the stores so people can buy them. As I said, it is not that hard of a job, if you know what you are doing.
Why did you pick this job?
I really didn’t pick this job, the job found me. Actually, my manager gave me the job. Since I really had no other job, I started working at Motorola (Now it is CTDI). Another reason why I picked this job is because I needed to support and be able to raise a family, for that I need to get a house.
What is your working condition? Who do you work with?
Well, I work in an office building. I work usually work at my desk. On my desk I have a phone and a computer. My work isn’t too fancy, but it’s all right. Now, about the people I work with. They are usually very friendly. If you are going to ask who I hate, I am not going to answer that because I really don’t hate anybody.
Do you ever get stressed?
Yes. I should tell you that there is never a job without stress. I get stressed a lot because of work tension. Sometimes I think that there is way too much work. All I do to cool down is to close my eyes and think, what am I supposed to do now? After I think clearly, I get an idea and start working on it.
Do you enjoy your job?
Well, I really don’t like- like my job, nor do I have much fun, but it is a pretty good job. I sometimes partake in groups and make jokes. There is barely any time to do those things. Mostly it is work, work, and work.
Is there anything you would wish tell about your job?
A: Well, you probably want to know how two way radios work and how to make them. I suggest that you know something about electronics because it will come in handy. You also might want to be a good social person because that will also come in handy. There are a lot of people that work here and it is good to have someone to talk to and get help from.
OK, last question.
All right.
I have heard that you really don’t like this job, if you had a choice, what other job would you pick? Why?
Hmm. Well, another job that I would pick would be becoming a doctor. I would pick any kind of doctor. I would be a doctor because first of all they get paid very nicely. Secondly, I have always wanted to be a doctor.
All right then, thank you for answering my questions.
You’re welcome.

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