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International Business college professor: Dr. Robert Moussetis

May 7, 2009
By NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
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Dr. Robert Moussetis is the international business professor at North Central College in Naperville. He has been teaching for fifteen years. He has been in the local newspapers for his work and has been called “the unofficial big brother of North Central”. He is able to balance his home life with his work and his frequent travels.

Why did you choose to be a college professor?

It was a combination of things. I was accidentally asked to teach a class when I was getting my masters degree, and I enjoyed it. I also liked the job because it gave me more free time. I didn’t have a family yet, but I was thinking about it and this job also gives me enough time to spend with my family as well.

What got you interested in international business?

Well, I got my PhD in international business, and I went to an international school so I had experience. The job was available, and I believe that all aspects of business are international so people who focus on international business are more prepared for the future.

What is the difference between being a normal teacher and a professor?

Professors have a more flexible schedule. We have more freedom with our time. And we don’t oversee our students as much. We also get time for just researching.

Are there any special perks to being a college professor?

The quality of my life. This means that this job is good for my life outside too. I get free time and summers off. As part of my job I get to travel to places like Peru and China for free. I travel with students to many places as part of my job. The trips are fast moving and all expenses paid for by the school. I also get a sabbatical which is where I don’t have to teach. However, I do have to do research instead.

Do you handle your students differently because they are adults?

Yes, professors treat their students like adults, giving them the same amount of responsibility as they would any other adult. Professors don’t monitor their students closely. And classroom administration isn’t the same as it is in high schools and middle schools. For example, students don’t need passes to go to the bathroom, they can just leave. Professors aren’t even allowed to contact the parents of a student in the event of a misdemeanor because the student should be responsible for him/herself. There are consequences for skipping class just as there would be for skipping work, but they are adults and should know and accept liability for their actions.

What is your least favorite part of your job?

I hate whiny students. If they don’t like my class, then they shouldn’t take it! Sometimes I even give the students some of the questions on the test, and they still fail because they didn’t think it was worth it to study.

What is the best part of your job?

I like it when a student graduates and then sends me an email a couple years later that tells me about something we had covered in class that helped him/her in the real world. I like knowing that the subject I teach can actually be used in real life and will help my (former) students to succeed.

The author's comments:
Dr. Moussetis's favorite quote: "An unexplored life is not worth living."

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