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Milind Dighe-Software Consultant

May 8, 2009
By NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
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Milind Dighe, my father, has been working as a Software Consultant for most of his life. He majored in computer science, and has successfully completed a master’s as well as a bachelor’s degree. This job has him deal with computers prominently, and many different types of software. He works at Discover Card Companies, which also manages the credit card portion of the company Discover Card. Inside the company, is a sub company called Bitwise, which he is a part of. Software consultants like my father get to deal with computer systems, data warehousing, and much more computer software. Above all, he really knows and understands everything about a computer.

How did you get your job?

I applied through the internet. I saw the available job on, so I sent my resume and cover letter for that job.

What type of things do you have to deal with on a daily basis?
I deal with managing software development projects, and system design. I also analyze system requirements, install software, conduct meetings, hire people, and assign responsibilities.

How do you hire employees for your job?
To hire employees for my job, I conduct interviews, scan resumes, and shortlist them based on the job requirements. I also recommend candidates for the job or reject failed candidates.

Have you encountered any life-altering experiences? Explain.
Yes, I worked on some very demanding projects. I had to work late over weekends, which sometimes took away valuable family time. Sometimes, I had to travel every week. It made me retrain myself, and go under specialized training.

What type of education is needed for your job?
The education needed for my job is as following. You need software development experience, a Masters and Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development, and in Computer Science. To be successful, you also need experience in project management.

What projects or assignments do you need to complete or accomplish?
Some of the projects I complete are about the credit card industry. I install software; have user acceptance projects, data warehousing, database projects, and shell-scripting projects.

What do you enjoy in your job?
I enjoy project review meetings, successful implementations, recognition, and collaboration of employees. I also enjoy smart appreciation awards, including coins and plaques. I have been recognized for accomplishments like projects completed on time and efficiently. This contributes to the goal of the company. Ultimately, it helps the company earn revenues.

Is there any lesson you have learned in your job so far? What and why?
Yes, I learned that there is a need to be very thorough. I need to complete analysis of requirements. Adhering to deadlines is very important. I learned to communicate effectively, and also to obtain feedback and use it in lessons learned.

Do you have certain requirements to get to in your job, daily or weekly?
Yes, for every project there is a progress update. There updates should be available, so you can determine if anything is changing and to ensure that we are on target. Then we also have conference calls with the team members as well as other teams, so we can get our job done.

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