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Marine Interview

April 7, 2009
By syd552 BRONZE, Athens, Georgia
syd552 BRONZE, Athens, Georgia
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I decided to interview my dad because he ws in the marines and was stationed at many different and interesting places.
The Interview:

Me: "My first question for you is, Why did you decide to join the marines?"

Dad:" My brother was in the marines, and while I waas at his graduation, I was inspired to become one also."

Me: "Which war were you in?"

Dad: "Lebanon."

Me: "Do you have good memories of being in the marines?"

Dad:" Yes, traveling to different countries and meeting lots of new people. I never really had any "bad" memories."

Me: "How many years were you over there?"

Dad:"I was active for 3 years."

Me: "How was the food and what time did you have to wake up in the morning?"

Dad:"Mostly regular chow-hall foodand the different cultual foods depending on the location I was at. We had to get up at 4 a.m. each morning."

Me: "What sort of things did you and your fellow marines do for fun?"

Dad:" Everything anyone else would do; baseball, hanging out. It was just like a regular job."

Me: "And my final question is, what were some of the interesting places you were able to see during your service?"

Dad:"The phillipines,Japan, Austrailia,kenya,Singapore, Thailand, Basically a lot of places."

Me:" When you were in the marines, what was the most interesting thing that happened to you?"

Dad:"I got to be a 31st Marine Anphious unit and only a few were selected to do so. Then a helicopter crashed and everyone in the helicopter died."

Me: "How did being a marine change you?"

Dad: "Before being in the marines I had no self essteem or self confidence, after my expierences overseas I gained both.

Me: "Well thanks for your service to our country and thank you for letting me interview you."


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