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Gino Strada: My Real Life Hero

April 29, 2016
By marilynbrumley BRONZE, Austin, Texas
marilynbrumley BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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To me, a real life hero is someone like Gino Strada. Gino Strada is a surgeon who had helped many civilians and soldiers around the world. He has traveled to over thirteen dangerous countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Cambodia, Sierra Leone and the Central African Republic.  At these places he performs vital open heart and lung surgeries, saving around 30,000 lives in total. The majority of his patients have been innocent victims of wars and violence. The hospitals that Strada has set up have been organized and set up all by him and have been noted for their lever of care and cleanness, which you don’t normally find in the countries where these hospitals are set up. The amazing thing about his hospitals is that there is no cost for the patients. All costs are covered by his organization that he started, Emergency in 1994. Since then, Emergency has provided medical services to more than 4,420,000 patients. Today, Emergency has opened 8 hospitals in areas of conflict and fifty-four “First Aid Post- Heath Care Centers” located close to the front lines around the world. Gino Strada is a hero because of his bravery in helping patients and traveling to his locations. To me, a hero is someone who goes out of their way to help those in need. Strada has inspired me to do just that. 

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