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Letters to the Loved

June 2, 2014
By Sherlocklives SILVER, Mnt. Marion, New York
Sherlocklives SILVER, Mnt. Marion, New York
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Dear Little One,

It has been so long, I fear that I have even forgotten your name. You were so little. So fragile. I have had you in my mind and hope you like it up there, in heaven. Watch over your little sisters, okay, little one? Put in a good word to the Big Guy for your folks. I will tell you this, it was traumatic. My mom nearly collapsed when she heard the news. I am so sorry you had to go that way, but I know that it was just your time to go. I like to think of it as heaven thought you were so precious that the angels needed you. It’s been five years since you’ve died. You would’ve been at least ten years old. Do you remember my brothers? Your friends? They have gotten so big. I would’ve loved to see you grow up. You are always on my mind and I hope to see you again some day.

Dearest Siblings,

There are a lot of us. I wish I could’ve met you all though. We would have been an abundant and happy family. I think about you all every day. All five of you. Sometimes I wonder why heaven chose you and not me. I nearly died too. Many times. He still let me live. Can you ask Him why for me? I’ll see you all one day and we can make a ton of memories that couldn’t happen on earth. I wish you could’ve breathed the air of the first snow, or feel the warm sun in summer. I wish you could’ve felt the grass on your bare feet and the salty, cool water of the ocean. I even wish you could’ve known sorrow because even that is something invigorating. I wish you could know love. I will describe all of these things when I meet you. Rest in peace, brothers and sister. I love you all.

Dear Nanny,

I’m sorry I did not cry for you. I feel horrible about it. I was so wound up in my own troubles that when you died, I had already run out of tears. I know my pet had gone with you the day after your passing. My dog followed shortly after. I hope they are keeping you company. I hope you have all the caramel candies in the world because I know how much you loved them. Say hello to Pop Pop for me and tell him we miss and love him. I know you two are happy. You have always loved each other and it took a long time for you to get reunited. Mommy misses you guys so much. She talks about you a lot. Love you guys so much.

Dear Meme,

I wish you didn’t go so soon. I have dreams about you and I had only known you for a few years of my life. Daddy loves you and I wish you could be here. Maybe you see me from up there? Mom and Dad say I look just like you which I believe is a complement because you were beautiful. The most beautiful grandma ever. I love you.

Dear Others

Many of you I have not ever met. This note goes to all of you who have died in war, or car crashes, cancer, suicide, or from other tragedies. I want to tell you that your friends and family miss you every day. Look out for them. Show them hope through your departures. I have never met you, but I love you and I pray for you. Your deaths have brought pain but also reminders of new life and love. To the brothers of friends and the mothers of children. To the fathers of daughters and the lovers of lovers. To the history makers and the life changers. We all miss you terribly but we know you are in a better place. Rest in Peace.

The author's comments:
Dedicated to the broken.

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