The Life of a Soldier

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Throughout decades and decades of history so many changes have occurred. The world has made great leaps and bounds in the fields of science and technology. Within the medical field immense advancements have been achieved. Even in the area of philosophy, innovation has established so many more ideas than people were previously aware of. However one thing remains the same throughout all these decades: the dedication a soldier must possess to risk their lives for their country. A new found respect for soldiers is necessary regarding their field of work. No matter what the reason being, choosing the life of a soldier is a large load to bear. One must be willing to sacrifice nearly everything to protect their country’s freedom. While this profession does tend to receive great precedence over other occupations, it does not come without a price. A price filled with risks, dangers, and uncertainties. The requirements for a soldier’s dedication remains the same even though thousands of years have flown by. A soldier must be prepared to sacrifice everything for their country. A soldier must be prepared to fight for the freedom of their country. A soldier must be prepared to die for their country. A soldier's job should take precedence over all other careers because a soldier has the most to lose. A soldier puts their life on the line to protect people that they have never even met. A soldier sacrifices their life for the well being of their country.

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