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Homecoming Awaits

September 11, 2008
By Anonymous

My hero has been in Iraq for the past six months. He spends his days along side other men that came there to do the same thing as he, to serve in the military. His name is Christopher Lowe. He and my mom began dating two years ago on Valentine’s Day and are now engaged. This man is like a father to me. Ever since I have known him he has been by my side, telling hilarious stories and giving me helpful advice. Chris is my hero because of his courage in the military, him treating me like a daughter, taking responsibility in keeping his men healthy, and trying his hardest in everything he does now.

Growing up in Bermuda was not as enjoyable as it sounds, according to Chris. He was born on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia where he spent the first four years of his life. Chris’s mother is from Bermuda; however, his father is from Indiana. “How they met is a story on its own!” Chris stated. He then moved to Bermuda until he was 19 years old. To get to know his father, who he hadn't seen but two or three times since he was a little boy, Chris decided to move to Indiana. Lincoln Institute is where he went to school in 2001, and he worked as a mechanic until 2005, when he joined the army. Just after joining the military, Chris’s brother committed suicide, and Chris was heartbroken. He then met my mother.

In December of 2005, my hero joined the military. Chris serves in the National Guard. This is a big part of why he is my hero. Its takes so much courage to put your life in danger when you know you are doing it. Chris has said, “I wanted to better myself and help fight the war on terrorism (the benefits are nice, too!)”. He has devoted himself to serving his country, and, for that, I am very proud. Being in the National Guard affects Chris’s everyday life. When he is not away from the U.S., Chris spends some weekends in Camp Atterbury along with his fellow soldiers. My mother states, almost in tears, “I am extremely proud of the work he is doing although we miss him very much. He enlightens us to all the great things the troops are doing for the country of Iraq.”

Chris is also my hero because of the role he plays in my life. Any man can step in to a child’s life and become a step-father. It takes a true character to go in to a relationship and love the other’s children as they do. I feel as if Chris has done exactly this. In return I love him like a daughter loves her father. Mr. Lowe has said that for everything he has taught us, we have taught him ten things. This shows me that he is not hesitant to learn anything new or take it as an educating experience. I miss Chris’s smiling face brightening our house everyday, seeing my mother smiling into his blue eyes. This is just one of the many things I admire about my future step-dad.

Doc Lowe is what my hero is referred to by the men he works with. His job is to maintain the fighting force. He cares for soldiers in the field and makes sure they go to the right place (hospital, clinic etc...). Chris takes extreme care in making sure his men have the proper nutrition and hydration, especially while they are in 120 degree weather. He strongly pushes the fact that he is not a doctor. He prefers to be referred to as the soldier that people come to see when they need a doctor. He does not have a doctor to ask questions to, so he reads a lot, especially on the internet. Chris loves being a medic. My hero also helps with the Nationals, the Iraqi men serving for their country. Just this week he saved an Iraqi man’s life, which I believe is one of the most honorable things anyone could do. When he comes back home, Chris plans to go to school and become a paramedic. This way his is able to help even more people with his medical skills.

Working hard is another one of Christopher’s many amazing qualities. Though he did not graduate college, Chris, afterwards, tried his best at twenty years of age just to grasp mathematics to understand electricity in automobiles. This obstacle has taught Chris a great lesson, to balance his priorities. He quoted, “This was a great obstacle that has allowed me to better myself, taught me never to give up, and never stop learning.” Chris also has to push his limits when he is training in camp for the military.

Odysseus and my mom’s fiancé are alike in many ways. For example, Chris and Odysseus both have fought in wars. Both also care about the men they are serving with, though they do not trust the other men fully. I believe this to be a very smart thing. Odysseus may have been like a father to someone as Chris is to me. Either of them will stand up for what they believe in when the time comes. Odysseus stood up to the suitors just as Chris is standing up for America when he went overseas. Also, they both were away from their families. I’m sure my mom feels somewhat in the place of Penelope because her loved one has not seen her face to face in a long time. Penelope had to wait a lot longer, of course.

Chris is my hero for many, many reasons. He believes in regretting nothing and making tomorrow better than today, which I think is an admirable attitude to have. He treats me as a daughter, which I now feel I actually am. I also admire Chris’s courage with being in the military. My hero has stated that the army puts you in situations that you have never been in, so you must react quickly and learn from them. Not every man can leave their family and take the risk of getting injured to fight for the U.S.A. He also helps people everyday because he is a medic and works his hardest. Katya Kantar has remarked, “When you meet Chris, you can tell he is a sincerely nice person. I appreciate him for everything he has done for our country.” Chris is an amazing man, and I cannot wait until he arrives safe back home.

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