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My Dad Isn't Superman

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Some people do not realize the heroes they have around them from the simple school teacher who’s stays after to help a child who’s struggling or the fire fighter who goes back into the burning building to save a life. We don’t realize the heroes around us. The hero in my life is my dad. My dad is my hero for a number of reasons, but the three things that mainly make him my hero is that he is supporting , brave , and able to overcome obstacles in his life. Some things you think about when it comes to hero are superman or famous mentors. My dad’s neither, but that is okay.
My dad may not be a super hero but he’s still a hero in my eyes. One of his traits that I like is that he is supportive. His parents weren’t really supportive, so his goal is to be supportive in all he can for me and my sister. For example I wanted to play soccer when I was 6 and he was fully supportive of my decision. He even ended up being my soccer coach and now he is my sister’s soccer coach for travel. Just like he was supportive when I was 6 he’s even more supportive now that I am in on JV on the high school soccer team. So, one of the reasons he’s my hero is because he supports me and my sister.
Another reason my dad is my hero is because he’s brave. My dad was in the coast guard before I was born and a little after. When I asked him what the scariest thing he’s done he said, “The scariest thing I’ve was when I was on a search and rescue mission in the middle of the ocean all night. And on top of that we were in a small boat and battling sea sickness and trying to find someone. That was really tough.” After being in the coast guard my dad was a police officer for a short time. I asked my dad what he wanted to be when he was little his said. “I wanted to be a firefighter.” That’s a lot different from what he is now a buyer at Quest. I think my dad has done a few really heroic things like the rescue mission while in coast guard.
The third thing that makes my dad a hero is that he has overcame so many obstacles in his life. For example my dad had an alcoholic dad who was never there for him. And later in his childhood his parents got divorced. When I asked my dad who inspired him he said. “My mom inspired me because she always was trying to get what she didn’t have and that what I do, I strive to get what I don’t have. I also was inspired to get out of that life when I was younger.” My dad still helps his dad when he needs help for example getting insurance, helping him when he had a stroke, and buying as cell phone for him so he could call someone if it happened again. My dad’s father is also a smoker, after his stroke we persuaded him to go to the doctor. My dad may have saved my grandfathers life. I asked my dad what his greatest accomplishment was and he said, “Graduating from colleges was my greatest achievement because no one else in my family had ever graduated.” For me that’s a pretty heroic thing to do.
I think being supportive, brave, and being able to overcome tough obstacles does make a hero, but better it makes my hero. From being a soccer coach to being there for me, to a person in the coast guard my dad makes up a pretty good hero. So maybe he’s not super man or some famous mentor, but he’s a hero and my Dad. He’s a great dad, too. Sometimes my dad doesn’t think he knows how to be a good dad, because his dad wasn’t a good dad. I would just look closer he would see that he has been a great dad.

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