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Unsung Heroes MAG

By Anonymous

   His hand gropes,
reaching for a tattered wrapper,
and then places it neatly into the basket
pendulously hanging from his tired arm,
As the quiet man disappears down the horizon,
he bows his head,
drawing an end to the day's beach cleaning,
His implacable goal.

and he is a hero

Gloves are pulled off,
as a man sighs,
sinking his body into a yielding chair,
Silence inundates him,
as he sits reflecting
on the hectic day in all its chaos and grandeur,
A packed ER full of anxiety and fear,
massive traumas and common ailments;
He sighs once more.

and he is a hero

Wiping the chalky remnants from his hands,
he sits to untangle a colossal
mess of words
woven inadequately into papers,
Looking back on the day's events
As he thinks of his confrontation with a transgressing student;
He regrets his seeming omnipotence.

and he is a hero

Keys jingle,
as they are hung on a back hook,
Reverberating barks echo through a lonely hall,
He pauses turning off the lights,
A distant smile illuminates his face,
as he remembers the five puppies not put to sleep
because of his efforts.

and he is a hero

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i love this so much!