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By Anonymous

   My mother gives me strength, courage andunderstanding. When I was young she taught me the biggest lesson of mylife: we are all human and make mistakes. We need to learn how toforgive those mistakes to love ourselves and others.

I neverunderstood that lesson until recently. My mother has always let melearn life lessons the hard way. I resented her for it; but now Irealize she was always there for me with a shoulder to cry on or an earto listen. She would hold me and tell me I was human and had made amistake; I needed to forgive myself.

Recently, I made a hugemistake no one should forget or forgive. My mother did. If she can stilllove me, maybe I can love myself. She never gave up on me, though Iwould have if I were her.

She had super powers when I waslittle, she could fix any problem with a kiss and a hug. Now that I'molder she is more than super-human - she is a human being who loves andcares. It takes more than a kiss and a hug to heal wounds, but my mothercan find a way to make things better. She is more than a hero, she is mybest friend. I owe her everything.

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i love this so much!