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Life is Full of Happy Endings MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Maple Drive is the setting for my hero poem,
It is the street we have alwayscalled home.
Our close friends have their home there,
The family wasovercome one night by noxious air.
One night in February of 1999,
They wentto bed thinking everything was fine.
Little did they know that their poolheater had sprung a leak.
The carbon monoxide level soon reached itspeak.
Their daughter Sarah woke up with a scream,
A pain in her head hadwoken her, it seemed.
Her parents awakened with a start,
Into her room theyattempted to dart.
They experienced severe dizziness in their heads,
Andsoon were in a heap next to their beds.
The father knew something was terriblywrong,
Something had to be done, and they didn't have long.
He struggled toget the windows open to let fresh air in.
Something had overcome his entirefamily, and he would not allow it to win.
He dialed the family doctor from thephone in the hall,
And pleaded with him to make a house call.
The phonewoke my mother out of a sound sleep,
She quickly got dressed without making apeep.
The doctor had requested she go to our neighbors to check thingsout,
When my mom saw the window and door ajar she knew trouble wasabout.
My mom ran straight into their house and up the stairs,
Without anyof her own fears or cares.
Into the children's room she went,
And one byone she carried them away from the terrible accident.
The hyperbaric chamberat the hospital is where the ambulances were off to en masse,
To rid thefamily of the carbon monoxide gas.
Airing out the home was the job of thefiremen,
To make it safe for the family to go home again.
My mom sighedwith huge relief,
Her dear friends were near death, was her belief.
Becauseof her quick action the story turned out just fine,
My hero is my mom, Laurie, and I'm glad she is mine.

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