Soldiers: America's Superheros

Something that has really been on my mind lately is the war in Afghanistan. I know that it’s a touchy subject, but the whole idea of terrorism and al Qaida really freaks me out. Our soldiers are doing an excellent job of keeping our beloved country safe, but in a way, I feel extremely sorry for all of those poor soldiers that have to deal with that kind of stuff almost every day. I mean, how you would feel if you had to protect your country from people who plan out how to kill lots of people. It really makes me upset to know that some of my uncles and cousins are risking everything they have to fight for me and our country’s sake. For example, statistics show that as of August 18th, 2009, at least 708 poor soldiers have had their lives ripped away from them in the heat of battle in Iraq. Sadly, those numbers don’t surprise me at all, only because of the fact that the struggle is so great. Paul Wolfowitz once said,”Look, I think the public generally understands that what's at stake in Afghanistan is American security, number one.” Another thing that freaks me out about the whole war in Afghanistan over America is American Security, which as Paul Wolfowitz said, is the number one thing we are fighting over in Afghanistan. If the terrorists won the terrible war we are fighting, that means that we are screwed over in means of national security, which means, that the terrorism that wreaked havoc in most of Iraq, will spread rather quickly over to our country and then, we will be in total and utter chaos. But, at this point, it is the last of my worries. To be honest with you, I have a feeling that the war in Afghanistan will be over very soon and our troops will soon be able to come home. The reason being that recently on May 2nd, 2011, Osama bin Ladan, aka the leader of the infamous al Qaida, was killed. At least I can only hope that the war will be over, because I live in a town where many of my friends’ parents are in the army and have been stationed in Afghanistan for many years and wish to come home and see their parents again, some of which have never seen their mother or father before, but only in family photos or pictures of them in it. At this point, I only have one thing to address before I run out of words to say. I just want to say that after thinking about Army, Navy, and the Air Force, I think that they deserve way more credit than they receive when they come back from war. I know that their families are more than ecstatic to see them come back from such a huge ordeal, but other people just take the protection of our country for granted. It seems stupid for me to ramble on about this stuff, but it really does matter. How would you feel if you came back from say, 5 years in Afghanistan and have barely anybody but your families recognize that you have done something truly remarkable to serve your country and your loved ones? To me that would be just a tad bit annoying. But, anyway I love what the soldiers do for our country and I just wanted to point out all of the hardships they overcome for our sake, and know I bid you all goodbye.

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