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   Somechildren are born into a home where they don't get fed. Some even get beaten.Others can't wait to get away for the summer, or go to college. There are alsothose who don't understand what's right or wrong. Some come home at night to anempty house where they find a short note reminding them to do their homework.Next to the note is a leftover dinner to be warmed up. Why is that? I alwayswonder. I've never understood why people have children when they don't have timefor them.

Then, I think about my parents who have always supported me, nomatter what. Who tell me over and over how lucky they are to have me. How did Iget parents who are responsible, caring and loving? What made me solucky?

When I need help with school work, my mom is always there. She willread the math, social studies, science or English for hours. Then, she will takeher knowledge and share it with me. Sometimes she sits with me all day until sheknows I understand. My mom has a full-time job as a math teacher and she has workshe must do. Still, I am always first on her list.

Once I remember shehad a really bad headache and could barely raise her head from the pillow. But Ihad a huge report due the next day that I needed help with. She insisted she helpme and so the two of us sat in front of the computer for hours.

Momalways kisses me good night. It really is a good feeling when you know that yourmother loves you. Even if I feel that all my friends hate me and my day washorrible, I know I can come home to my mom who will always let me know that I'mloved, and can put a smile on my face.

My dad is also a wonderful personwho always makes sure I'm happy. When I'm sick, he will take care of me. Hedoesn't mind that he might catch what I have. All he wants is for me to behealthy again. Whether it is a cold washcloth on my head, a tickle on my back, ora simple hug, he is there. My dad is a dentist who works full-time. I know hisday is very stressful. When he gets home, he looks like he is going to collapse,but every night he tries to put all that aside and help me in any way he can.

If I'm away and lonely, he will sit on the phone with me for hoursuntil he knows by my voice that I feel better. My dad is proud of me and makessure that I know that. When something special happens to me, the best part iscoming home to tell him. His reactions are unforgettable: his huge smile acrosshis entire face really expresses how proud he is.

Every morning my dadawakens me. As tired as he is at six, he makes us both breakfast. He insists ondoing this, but I always feel bad because I know how tiring his work day is goingto be. He makes sure that he tells me he loves me, and never goes to sleepwithout kissing me good-night.

Parents have a major influence on theirchild's life. The amount of love and caring a parent gives will greatly affecther entire life. I was lucky to be given the best parents in the world.

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