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Dennis D., Father MAG

By Anonymous

   Thereis a man in my life by the name of Dennis Dixon. He is my father. I call him myhero because he has been there for me ever since that awful June day when mymother passed away from leukemia. That was when my dad's life changed and hebecame a single parent.

I had just started first grade and my dad didn'treally know how to get me ready for school, since usually my mom had done it. Hecalled my aunt who came over to help. My dad knew he couldn't call her every dayand that he had to learn to care for a daughter. He knew all about caring for aboy, but he had to learn how to do my hair, pick my clothes, help me withhomework and even more.

The reason I call my dad my hero is because for12 years he has busted his behind for me and my brother. It's tough raising twokids on your own. He works as a nurse and gives us everything we need, and more.He is very hard-working and I don't know what I would do without him.

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i love this so much!