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Stepfather Kenny D. MAG

By Anonymous

     There are many courageous people in my life who could be considered heroes, but my special hero is my stepdad, Kenny. He loves me unconditionally as if I were his child, and there is no other love like that between a father and his daughter.

I met my biological father when I was four years old. I have never felt like he is the father-figure I needed, and I realize how blessed I am every time Kenny gives me a hug or tells me he loves me. It's quite a task to be someone else's father and love them as your own.

When I first met Kenny, I was afraid to grow too close to him for fear that he would turn out to be like my father. But I gave him a chance and he proved to me and everyone in my family that he truly does love us. This is when I learned not to assume something about others or judge them before getting to know them.

I remember being a little girl and praying to God to send me a daddy who would tell me he loves me and would tuck me into bed at night. My mom always did that, but I felt I was missing something with my dad.

There are times I catch myself being rude to Kenny, and then I remember all the ways he has made my family so much closer and realize that he doesn't deserve disrespect. Kenny has become one of the most important people in my life and he really is my hero for all that he has done to make me a better person. He is everything I have always wanted in a father, and when he tells me he loves me every night, I have no doubt that he means it. I know just how blessed I am to have him in my life. &

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