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Sister Sara L. MAG

By Anonymous

     "Hey, you're wearing my sweater again!" "No, it's mine!"

"Give it back!"

This is the familiar sound of bickering between siblings. This not only goes on in households all over the world, but in mine.

Sara is what you could call the typical older sister. She is prone to screaming fits when I barge into her room babbling when she has tons of homework, and she has occasionally (okay, once) knocked down my door.

You're probably thinking that Sara is the common teenager who flips out at the sight of an annoying sister and parents telling her what to do, but she is far from that. This ambitious freshman does a variety of activities and maintains an A average. I completely envy her ability to open her mouth and unleash a voice like an angel. Anyone who has ever heard her sing knows she has a gift from God.

I am still blown away by her exotic beauty. Her swan-like eyes beam with light, lily pads floating on a blue lake. My sister is so gorgeous that even Aphrodite would be jealous.

Not only is she intelligent and beautiful, she is also very talented. She would make an excellent psychiatrist because of her empathy. With her creativity, she would also make a superb artist. I admire her courageous behavior, and her golden personality.

I admire my sister. She should be on a pedestal. I never hesitate to go to her with a problem because she'll do anything to help. My sister looks after me; she is my guardian angel. She is nothing less than the ideal sister. Despite our fighting, I am positive we will always stand by each other, no matter what. Not only is Sara my sister, she is my best friend. &

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i love this so much!