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By Anonymous

     My hero is my father, Robert. He is a very genuineand caring person who is always there for me when I need him most. I admire myfather because he has gone through many horrifying times in his life and wasstill able to take care of himself and others.

My father married mymother, a beautiful woman who became extremely ill with Hepatitis C. When she wasill, he did not leave her side for one moment. He was very helpful, sweet andgentle with her. He was always there whenever she needed him. When she was in thehospital for months, he was beside her to keep her happy and lively. He knew thatshe would want to wake up every morning to a familiar face to brighten herlife.

When my mother died, my father really started showing his truecolors. He was both a father and mother to my sister and me. He would do our hairin ponytails, get us dressed, take us shopping, and so much more. I truly enjoyedmy childhood with my dad and always felt his love for me. I cannot explain inwords how great my father was at taking care of us. I felt like the luckiest girlin the world to have my daddy at my side. I believed that nobody in the worldwould ever have a father as special as mine. He was very brave and courageous. Iwould go to him whenever I had a problem or just to cuddle in his arms. I felthis warm embrace, which made me feel safe and protected from anything.

Whenever I'm with my dad I feel extremely happy. I have so much respect for himbecause I cannot believe how much he accomplished without my mother's help. Myfather will always be my hero. He never gave up when my mom died, he continuedliving his dream. He knew that my mother wouldn't want him to give up. She wouldwant him to follow his dreams and give his children the best things in life. Thisis exactly what my father has done, and that is why he is my hero.

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i love this so much!