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By Elizabeth R., Lehighton, PA

     Throughout my 17 years, my mother has been my most significant influence. She’s been there to help me through difficult times and with her example, has taught me important values.

I lived with my parents and had a fairly normal childhood until I was five. Then one day I was hit with the news that my father had cheated on my mother and decided to leave us for his new family. Watching the glowing smile on my mother’s face disappear not only changed my outlook about men but about my mother, too. I never thought my cheerful mother could have gray skies hanging over her head, but I was wrong - very wrong. Things changed at my house. Now it was just my mother and me. We were on the verge of being poor, and had nothing to hold onto but each other.

Waking up day after day to my mother’s gloomy face ripped me apart. Finally, she found the courage to blow away the clouds and the sun began to rise for both of us. My mother began to multi-task, becoming my daddy as well. She managed to hold a full-time job, clean our house, spend time with me, and even take me to my gymnastic classes. My mother changed both of our lives. I watched her every move and day-by-day her glowing smile began to return. My incredible mother helped me realize that no matter what, we were going to be okay. She wasn’t going to let a few gray clouds ruin her life, or mine.

My mother turned her life around and now is completely happy. She has a very successful job and a wonderful family in a beautiful house that she earned. I enjoy watching her continue to grow and learn in her new life, as I call it. She has an amazing outlook which makes everyone around her happy too.

My mother has taught me that independence is a unique quality. Life can change, and I will have to handle those changes even if it means doing it all on my own. There is a saying my mother taught me: “In life there are so many curve balls thrown at you that you have to learn how to hit them all out of the ballpark.” My mother is a remarkable woman, and without her I don’t know if I would be the person I am today. I not only consider her my best friend but also a significant influence in my life.

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