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My Hero

June 23, 2008
By Anonymous

My hero is not just a normal hman being.I actually have many.My heroes are those people who fought for our country.They got nothing out of it.They roam the streets looking for money,food,
shelter,and safety.They don't deserve it.They deserve to be treated right because they worked hard.It's sad to look at them and think"Wow,they work hard and this is what they get."
Today I saw a veteran.He was on the street looking for anything they could.It's sad.My city has a veteran shelter.He doesn't qualify to live there.I haven't seen him in a while.I thought he died.He's been living on the streets for about 2 years.
He has survived.He's made it through hard times.He's still where he is sadly.But,I wish him the best of luck.
That is why veterans are my heroes.

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