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June 3, 2008
By Anonymous

You are my life
my one true friend
i know you will always be there
until the very end

you will never gossip
or stab me in the back
you will never push me down
or call me names in front of a crowd

i can truse you with anything
you are my personal diary
you meen so much to me
i can't even explain

why do i love you so much
why do you love me too?
cause we have a really awsome bond
me and you

i hope we will be this close, mom
for the rest of our days
and i know you will be there to catch me
when i fall flat on my face

you taught me how to sing
you taught me how to dance
you taught me to put my feet on the ground
in an honorable, ladylike stance

i love you and i always will
never forget that mommy
cause i know i won't

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