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To Whom I Owe My Life

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever felt like there's someone you owe your life to? Is there a particular person that has done so much for you or has done one thing that meant so much to you? I am one of the many lucky people to have that special person in my life.

I truly feel that I owe my life to my mother. She has made many personal sacrifices since my birth to make sure my sister and I had everything we've needed. She is a very loving mother who always puts everyone she loves before her. My mother and I also share a very special bond. Aside from being mother and daughter, I think we're both proud to say that we're also best friends. To me, an extra special bond between a mother and her daughter is very important. Because of this relationship, I know that I can talk to her about everything. Having that confidence with her is very important to both of us as she can talk to me as well.

My mother is the reason I am the person that I am today. She has helped shape my personality and many other characteristics of mine. I feel I owe everything of my own self to her, even the things I've earned without her help.

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