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My role model, my sister

January 18, 2012
By Violabookworm BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
Violabookworm BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
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My sister isn't the greatest, the funniest or even the most perfect in all the world, but she sure is all of that to me. My sister is someone I can trust, someone I can relate to and laugh with. She's my role model, my friend and, in my eyes, the best sister anyone could ever have.
I don't think anyone can understand just how great my relationship with my sister is and sometimes, I don't even think she does. We don't bicker or fight like most siblings do or get on each other’s nerves so much that we'll stop talking to each other for days. We love each other with only a love that a sister can give and an understanding so great that no words can describe it.
Of course I'm not saying that our relationship is perfect. Far from it in fact, but what I am saying, is that it is quite different than the way most relationships are carried out. We interact with each other differently than most people do in certain situations. When we fight, there is no physical contact or abusive language, only the occasional sharp word or glare. We aren't lovey, touchy like some siblings either. We give each other space but at the same time stick to each other like glue.
We were brought up in a household where physical contact was punished, which we learned at quite a young age, so the only way that we learned how to fight was silently. We don't hit, push, or jab, we silently fume under vicious glares and say 'please stop doing that' or simply just 'stop'. When my sister gets mad at me she has this certain tone of voice and certain mannerisms that I know to stay away from. I've learned to look for a certain tone of voice in all of my family members, but I know my sister's the best. It's not threatening or insulting just stern. She also gets very quiet and almost rigid when she's mad with no spring in her step when she walks. All of this I know, because I've watched her and also because I am the same way.
Now the point that I am getting to is that I understand my sister a lot. I know when she's mad, so I know how and when to stay away from her. I don't talk to her, unless I am asking a question, I try to give her as much space as possible and I try, under every possible circumstance, to not make her angrier. I believe that because I do this, she understands and does the same for me. When I am mad and don't want to talk to anyone she stays out of my way, respecting my space. Because of this, I am grateful for my sister and it makes me love her even more.
Of course on the rare occasions that we do fight, one of two things happens: either we leave each other alone or we try to break the tension in some way. Our fights, which as strange as it sounds, are another reason why I love my sister so much. When our fights are over, our use of snappy remarks exhausted, and we have established the fact that, usually I, have done something in the wrong, we usually stay seated and wait for time to resolve our problems. This usually works out pretty well with us not really forgiving each other, but staying out of each other's hair for the time being. But this is not the reason why I love my sister so much. The reason lies in what she doesn't do, not what she does. She doesn't say 'I told you so' or force me to say I'm sorry. She doesn't nag, hackle, or pressure me in any way, just leaves me alone. Sometimes after a fight she'll even break the tension by saying something funny or asking my opinion. As by nature I am a stubborn person and don't like to say 'I'm sorry' or 'I forgive you' when I am in the wrong. It hurts my pride and it makes me even he more angrier saying it, so usually I just clam up and don't say anything at all. But my sister, my role model, my best friend, has taught me to say 'I love you' to my family when I mean it and to lift people's spirits by saying jokes, sarcastic remarks, or simply laughing at myself. And she is, till this day, still teaching me.
My sister's attitude is something that I adore. She is kind hearted, even if she does hates animals, she is sweet and courteous to everyone she meets, she always says please and thank you, even to the bus driver, and she is always there to lend a helping hand. Her attitude and spirit is always something that I have admired and always something that I have sought to achieve myself. It's not as if I envy her or anything, I am far beyond that. I look upon my sister with something so indescribable and powerful, something so pure and sweet, that my heart bursts with happiness and pride. Every time my sister gets recognized for an accomplishment or award that she won, my heart skips a beat and my legs become so restless that I could jump for joy. I want to shout to the crowd 'That's my sister! The best in the world!'
Another thing that my sister has taught me is to not be jealous and covet someone else's treasure. Now, my sister is a great artist, one of the best in my eyes, and I am not just saying that because she is my sister, I am saying that because she really is. All of her life she has been a phenomenal artist, always drawing and sketching. She draws people the best, but I believe everything she draws is on the same level of her artistic ability. She's won numerous prizes and awards for her drawings and has even gotten multiple scholarships presented to her from prestigious art schools. For this I am enormously excited and happy for her. Of course, I am also a bit of an artist myself, but not nearly as good as her. When I was little, I strived to be more like her, to draw the same way, and eventually get at the same level where she was, maybe even surpass her. I was always jealous of her skill and wanted it for myself, jealous of the attention and praise it brought her. But over the years she has taught me that I am never going to be like her. I am never going to be the same as her, or the best and I just came to accept that. She helped me to stop envying her drawing style, how beautiful and precise it was. How every picture she drew looked like it was done by a professional’s hand. I came to realize that I had to develop my own style, my way of drawing. I had to stop trying to copy hers and focus on developing my own. And so I have. She had taught me so much including putting my jealousy aside and focusing on being happy for the opportunities that she has, and will, be given. She has taught me so much in my lifetime and for that I am eternally grateful.
My sister is the best. The sweetest, kindest, most generous person that you will ever meet. She always has a smile on her face and is always willing to give. I don't know how I ever would have lived without my hero in my life. There aren’t enough words or time in this world to describe the love I have for her. She's my best friend and the one person that I can be my crazy self around. My sister's my role model, my hero. I love her with all my aching heart, forever and always.

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This is so sweet, nice job.