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My Hero

May 5, 2011
By VampireDiary GOLD, Greenville, Kentucky
VampireDiary GOLD, Greenville, Kentucky
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What is a Hero? When we are little a hero is someone like Superman and Batman. When we get older it is someone who saves another from somebody else.

Well my hero is somebody who did not save me from somebody else, but instead he saved me from myself.

I met him a little over a year ago and the day I met him he turned my who life upside down, and he did this so well that I hardly noticed what he was doing until he had succeeded in doing what even he did not realize he was doing.

When I was sixteen I had sworn I would never trust again. I always sat in the shadows, I was always alone, I never had a friend, I was withdrawn and always afraid of people.

And then I met my Best friend, my brother, My Hero, My Eric.Just last year I met the man that made me the woman that I am now. He took my life and turned it upside down.

He saw what I had buried deep within, somehow he knew what I was hiding, somehow he knew just what to do.

He took one look at me and offered me friendship, he talked to me like no one else before him never had. My friend is the man that was able to see right through me.

He cared enough to work with me, he cared enough to want to know what I had gone through. He wanted to help me in ways nobody else could. He became a friend that I could talk to about anything, he became my mentor the person I would turn to in my times of need.

When I spoke he listened, when I said something negative about my life he would tell me that I was wrong and point out all the reason's why I was not stupid or ugly or any thing like that.

He touched my heart like no one else can ever do. He was my Knight. He called me his little sister, he became protective of me, and took care of me, when ever I was in pain, he would take time out of his day just to make sure I was OK.

This man brought me out of my shy, scared little girl shell. He taught me how to trust again, and not only that he taught me how to be a friend and how to love. To my mentor, my friend, my brother and my true Hero I will be forever grateful.

The author's comments:
This essay is about a relationship between me and my best friend, where the relationship is more like a mentor/sister type thing. This man truly turned my whole life around and this is written in his honor.

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