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A Mother to Match

December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

A Mother to Match

High school can be summarized as a time of friendships, first love, and countless memories. The part everyone discusses at reunions, these outstanding points make high school the four years one will never get to experience again. Yet the parts everyone forgets about are the periods of drama, heartbreak, and lost times that exist in everyone’s high school education. All a student really needs is one reliable person to assure them all will turn out okay when the world seems to be falling down around them. Just having someone to sit there listening to their problems when everyone else seems not to care can be therapeutic to one enduring the rough times of high school. When all else fails, if one has someone to fix a bowl of ice cream to cure the immeasurable pain, it is really all that is needed. Having someone to complete these simple tasks, sometimes difficult high school can be made more bearable for a student because this person can serve as their rock, an invariable source to lean on when problems arise. For me, this person never ceasing to support me socially, emotionally, and academically has and always will be my mom.

To say my mom is amazing would be a drastic understatement. Mom quitting her job twelve years ago when my little brother was born has made her the epitome of an exceptional stay-at-home mother. She makes herself completely available to help, listen to, and drive me all day, everyday. Her desiccated hands have rubbed my stomach countless nights whether it is a stomach ache from eating to much candy or monthly cramps. Mom’s brown eyes, the ones she always said she wishes were a different color, constantly show her expressions and thoughts. In her eyes through the dark coffee-colored rounds into what is behind them, one can read her mind and thoughts, the pupils’ sizes mirroring into whether she is ecstatic or livid. My mom’s pearly and enormous smile never ceases to warm my heart no matter what may be occurring in my life. Just the sight of my mother sends relieve to me in the comfort of knowing she will be there in case I fall.

Mom listens to my problems, no matter how miniscule or immense they are. Concerning going on a date with a boy or the ethical decision to handle a problem with a teacher, she is full of advice on a variety of topics. It is as if I have my own library of self-help books on how to become a successful woman. By success, I am not defining a net worth of a person in dollars or their status as the new high executive. In my world to measure how triumphant someone has been in life, I observe how much he or she cares about others, how many people he or she tries to make happy, and to what degree he or she would be unselfish to aid in another’s life. If my mom has taught me one lesson in life, it has been that success is no matter of money or status; it is how humane someone is and the kind of a person he or she is. Thankfully, I can say I am slowly realizing this and trying to be a better person instead of worrying so much about my comparison to my peers.

One day when I am far away from Destrehan, at college or living in a foreign town with a family of my own, I will truly miss my mom. Frankly, I take her for granted all too much and think everyone has a mom like her. It will probably take me moving away and not having her right by my side to realize how lucky of a girl I really am. She might not be a beauty queen or a multi-millionaire, but for me, she has always seemed to more than suffice. Mom has no idea the amount she means to me and how much I love her. In fact, I would be proud to one day be half of the mother she is to me.

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