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My Hero

April 22, 2009
By BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
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My hero that is not with me is my gram-pa because he was always by my side and next to my mothers side when her own mother wasn't. He was like a dad to me because my dad was never a real dad.

My dad to get revenge on my gram-pa said "when your dieing in the hospital I'm not bringing them" and so it happend i got a devistaing call saying come quick to the hospital ur gram-pa is dieing! I was cringing and crying but my dad stood there laghing.

Just to see that he had no respect for me or for my gram-pa he didnt take me! I was hystaricaly cring he was red.

Then half a hour later i got another call from my Aunt saing "Im sorry your to late hes gone..." that was when i lost it i was red crying i didnt want to belive what just happend.

So as my fauther wasnt laghing anymore my mom walkes in the door and drops her bags goes up to me in a hush toon" Hey why are you cring?"

I didnt know how to tell my mom because 1. I couldnt breath and 2. because he was her favorte and she loved him more than ever. So i simply said "Hes gone forever!"

My mom knew what i was talking about so she walks out and crys. But i could'nt tell her that my dad wasnt a man enoght to pick up his keys and say lets go there!

And this happend in 10-05-2005 and i still cry everyday for many reasons 1. because i never got to say bye 2. i loved him so much and 3. because i miss him to death! Out of all this i wanted to just say i love you and is u gram-pa

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this when iread another artical that had the same basic problem

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