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Educator of the Year: Marilyn Yung, Language Arts

April 25, 2017
By haileybrown SILVER, Kirbyville, Missouri
haileybrown SILVER, Kirbyville, Missouri
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Six years of teaching country kids with bad grammar. That’s what Marilyn Yung did at Kirbyville Middle School. She teaches sixth through eighth graders, who grew up saying ain’t. Which sadly doesn’t have a red squiggly line under it. Mrs. Yung has given us a lot of homework but I’m actually starting to be thankful for the loads. She has prepared Junior High kids for high school. She has even prepared us for college and guess what? You know how cursive isn’t a required curriculum anymore, well she doesn’t care it’s required in her class. She wants us to write well in persuasive , informative, and creative writing. Mrs. Yung has also let us grow into having good penmanship. We are in the age of typing, but she’s having us write, like with an actual pencil. It’s amazing how she has led us into improving ourselves. I’ve become very close with her. She makes me laugh and gives me inspiration to write, and just keep writing. Now, because of her, I want to become a successful writer in my future. I want to give all credit to her of how I’ve grow in my stories and articles. I believe Marilyn Yung deserves the Educator of the Year title from Teen Ink because she has let me improve, find my future, picked me up when I was down, and let me spin in her swivel chair.

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