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An Amiable Librarian

February 12, 2009
By Anonymous

An Amiable Librarian

When a little child holds a teddy bear, they feel softness and they smell happiness. To me, I see a teddy bear as a best friend. I believe that the librarian at my school, Mrs. Susan Hughes, is a teddy bear.

Librarians are people who may tell others to be quiet in the library or are very strict about their job and the place where they work but Mrs. Hughes is the
total opposite of this Stereotype. Mrs. Hughes is an excellent talker and she knows how to keep a conversation going. She is always busy doing work but she manages to squeeze in a friendly hello to everyone. When something goes wrong, a child will cuddle with his/her teddy bear for support. If someone, whether it's a teacher, student or a staff member, knows they are having problems and needs
advice, Mrs. Hughes is always there to listen and give support. She always manages to find a solution to each problem. She is very easy to talk to and is
opened minded.

Picturing a library, you see lots of books on shelves and see people studying. People often feel that a library is boring. At Holy Name's library you see the same things as in any other library but Mrs. Hughes makes it interesting. When students have senior privilege or study hall, they come down to the library to use the computers or just to hang out with their friends. Mrs. Hughes is always pleased to help if a student needs help on research for a project or has a computer situation.

Mrs. Hughes likes to decorate the library for the holiday season. At Halloween time, the library is set up like a haunted house with the cob webs and
skeletons. Mrs. Hughes dresses up for the occasion as a witch and reads stories to the seventh graders in a circle in the middle of the room. She enjoys doing
little things for the students to being them joy and put a smile on their face just as a teddy bear would.

Last but not least, Mrs. Hughes has been my loving teddy bear especially throughout my senior year. She always has my back. Whenever I want to talk to
someone, she is the first person I go to. She is always there to listen to what I have to say. Mrs. Hughes always finds a way to make me laugh. She always keeps
me on track with college applications and helps me with assignments teachers have given and also my term paper. I mostly spend my senior privilege in the
library either hanging out and talking to her or having her back by doing little chores for her. Whenever I needed to print out something, she lets me use her
computer to do it. The first part of senior year is stressful; Like a teddy bear,Mrs. Hughes has helped ease the tension by sharing her successful tips to stay organized and on track. I can honestly say that Mrs. Hughes is the mother of all teddy bears.

In conclusion, I highly suggest that Mrs. Susan Hughes be rewarded for her integrity. She always put her students before herself. As a child gets older,
he/she will out grow having a teddy bear and store it somewhere so that when he/she looks at it, he/she will remember the memories he/she had together. As I graduate from high school and move along in the future, I will have the memories stored in my heart of our relationship. Mrs. Hughes is my best friend and has influenced me to become the person I want to be. I believe that she is a part of
a teddy bear to everyone and you can always count on her. There is no other librarian like her. Trust me, I looked.

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