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January 27, 2009
By Armando Hagan BRONZE, Boise, Illinois
Armando Hagan BRONZE, Boise, Illinois
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Have you ever had a teacher whose class makes you feel like you're a gigantic writhing mass of mutated pudding that devours people (please refer to this as a good thing).Well that's how my favorite teacher Mr. Hoetker makes you feel. Yessiree this educational master is the ultimate embodiment of a great teacher, to this I'm sure you'll agree.
The first of many reasons why he is such a great teacher is how the 'fun' factor is incorporated into class activities. He can make you see the enjoyable part of almost any subject, like the karaoke grammar contest or poem battles.
Another thing about Mr. Hoetker that can get you hopping out of your skin and creating cautious conundrums all day is how he can motivate you to get a job done. Without his help and motivation I would be a tiny puddle of failure instead of the literary ocean I am today.
Many people would think that I would continue to praise Mr. Hoetker's many achievements so I may have more than a meager chance at basking in the glory that comes with winning such a contest as this. However I have become bored with this essay and have decided that to continue writing this essay would be to overuse my unique talent of creating magnificent works of literary art. I have gotten much enjoyment out of writing it and hope you got a kick out of reading it too.

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