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January 30, 2009
By i-is-nerd BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
i-is-nerd BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Best Ejector

I'm Nigel form South Jr. High. You are asking me my favorite teacher. I would say Mr. Wemp is my favorite. Mr. Wemp is 6' tall, Brown hair, and blue eyes. He's my favorite teacher for many reasons.
First, and foremost he is my favorite is that he likes teck. I know he likes teck because he is the teck teacher. In addition, he buys a lot of teck stuff like smart board; head set that connects to the speakers. Lastly, he talks about teck a lot.
Secondly, He thought me most ever thing I know about gears ratio. Like a small power gear and a big driver gear gets torque. Ade Vic versa is speed.
Finally, I'm disappointed that his class is not all year long. I will miss friends, robots, Lagos, floor planes, and retaking test. Moreover, I will miss the pencil machine that gave out prizes.
Overall, I think Mr. Wemp class was a success. I learned many things. In addition, that is why I like Mr. Wemp

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