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Teach Teach Teach!

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Mr. Hoetker is awesome! Mr. Hoetker isn’t like some teachers that give up on a student just because they make a few mistakes. If no one believes in you, you won’t believe in yourself. It really seems like Mr. Hoetker believes in me.
I don’t like boring classes, or just anything boring. Do you? You probably don’t. Mr. Hoetker makes class fun so that you don’t fall asleep. Some teachers teach in a bad way, like freak out or just have a boring class and are mean. I don’t want to work for a teacher that is mean.
One thing that I like about English with Mr. Hoetker is that he gets really into what were doing. He is really energetic and makes class really fun. We do a poem of the day every day, he picks really cool poems and does really cool voices when he reads. It makes it better to listen to.
We had an awesome bingo game where you could face Mr. Hoetker in star wars with light sabers. I got to face him. He tried to hit me but he blocked me, then he tried to get me! Blocked! Whack! I won! I felt awesome! Mr. Hoetker is about five foot ten inches and teaches great! Mr. Hoetker is a really good guy, teacher and, role model.
Mr. Hoetker is awesome, that’s why I'm writing about him. If you were in his class you would think that he is really awesome too.
He even raps! Do you know a teacher that raps? Well I do. He’s awesome! Mr. Hoetker makes you want to work because he makes class fu so you feel like you should work hard for him.

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