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Super Teacher

January 30, 2009
By eric garcia BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
eric garcia BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Mr.Jenne is a very unique teacher. He always tries to make things interesting and rarely goes by the book. Whenever I go to his class he has something fun in store, and he's also a good motivator. He helps me when I'm having trouble with a question, or we need some help on a paper. And if we do are work sometimes we get candy from the candy bag. It was sometimes filled with jolly ranchers, snickers, etc. but since I was in 8th period, it was sometimes depleted containing nothing more than a few mints. Oh well better then nothing right? But no matter how few candies we get Mr. Jenne's class is one of my favorites.

Mr. Jenne is a very nice teacher but like any teacher he has rules that sometimes we forget. One of his most guarded rules is to start your work as soon as the bell rings,
A rule we often forget. But as long as you follow most of his rules he's an easy guy to get along with and so will his class be. Another thing I like is that Mr. Jenne teaches World Studies, which I think is an easy class and more interesting then other classes.

All teachers are unique, talk different, act different, look different, etc.
But a thing is true we all have favorites teachers and one of my favorites is Mr. Jenne he's fun and nice and makes it easier to learn.

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