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Master Seargent Howie

May 30, 2019
By Anonymous

It was my first day of high school and I was super nervous. I remember walking in the doors on the first day wanting my freshman year to be over already. I was never a big fan of school and I didn’t know any of the teachers. I went through the first couple of classes hearing all the same information about rules and expecations. But then during 5th block my whole thought of hating school changed because of Master Sgt. Howie.

I walked into the room thinking that I was gonna hate this class and that it is gonna be super difficult. Espesially because he was a 6’7 muscular teacher and his appearance was definitely the most intimidating part about him. His shoes were glossy and you could probably see your reflection in them. His shirt had all these ribbons and medals on it and they were centered on his chest. He came into the room and started to take muster. His voice was deep and frightening as he said each of our last names. I never thought that he would be the teacher that I liked the most.

He started off by talking about what we will learn and do throughout the year. He told us many things in that first class but there was one thing that will stick with me all four years of high school. He told us that he likes none of us but he cares about us. That really stuck with me because it was something that he felt. He had no favorites and he doesn’t hate anyone. But if you have any school or personal problems you can always go to talk to him and tell him what’s bothering you.  It’s funny because out of all my years of going to school that was the one thing that I won’t forget.

Another thing that makes him such a great teacher is that he’s not boring. We will be talking about a lesson and then he might tell us a story from when he was in the service. He will take us outside when it’s nice out and we will do drill. Some days in the beginning of class he will tell us to take three laps around the building. He is engaging and that’s what makes him such a good teacher. I am a hands on learner and and most of his lessons and activities are hands on. I have had an A the entire year in his class and that’s what makes him a good teacher. He knows how to get people’s attention and not let them dose off and get distracted in class.

One of the reasons I like him so much is because he pushes us to be the best we can be and to never give up. I remember our class got dropped because we were talking so we had to do a plank and he wouldn’t let us up until we all did it correctly. Some kids in my class couldn’t really do it but he pushed them and told that they can do it and to believe in themselves. He cares about our grades and makes sure we don’t fall behind in other classes as well. He makes sure that athletes have good grades in his class and makes sure there grades aren't terrible because he wants us to be a student athlete not just an athlete.

Overall I believe that Master Sgt. Kevin Howie should win the nomination because he isn’t a normal teacher. He can relate to your problems and he’s always open to talk to if you ever have any problems. He pushes you to be the best you can be and to never give up in life no matter how rough it gets sometimes. He is a great teacher and has taught me many life lessons and skills that I will never forget.

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