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Educator of the Year

May 29, 2019
By dantec_6 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
dantec_6 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Coming in to my first year at DMA I didn’t know what to expect. I never had any siblings or family members come to this school before me. On the first day of school I was very nervous, my hands were sweaty, and I had butterflies in my stomach. When I first arrived at school, I didn’t know where to go, I then asked a staff member where FH7 was, and she said “oh you have Mrs. Rosaio, lucky you” and showed me where to go.

When I first arrived in the class, I knew a couple people from middle school or a friendship. Also, I noticed everything in the class was organized, clean, and a nice layout of papers to guide everyone where to sit. I sat quietly at my desk; then, I heard a voice say “You look nervous; are you ok”. I looked at the lady and said “Yea a little, are you Mrs. Rosaio?” She told me yes. The bell rang and class was about to start. I was very interested and excited.

Next, class started, and Mrs. Rosaio had a very unique teaching technique. She told us everything we would be doing this year, and she was so ecstatic to finally start the school year. During class Mrs. Rosaio had a whole bunch of organized slides to show us. Then she told us to start the worksheet. When I looked at it, I thought to myself, I know everything because Mrs. Rosaio just taught us this. Next, we played The Name Game; we would say our name and tell everyone something we like. When I said my name and what I liked, Mrs. Rosaio laughed because I said I liked Science class. When the bell rang for the next class, I was already excited to come back to her class the next day, Or so I thought.

After that I had to go to 5th block for math class. Mrs. Rosaio was sitting in the back of the class, and I wondered why was she there. Then, Mrs. Pisani introduced herself, and then, she said Mrs. Rosaio will be a math assistant in the class. Then, I thought to myself, wow, she does math too! During math class Mrs. Rosaio was very helpful and knew a lot about math. The next day of school, I was ready to go back to Mrs. Rosaio’s class ready to learn more.

I believe Mrs. Rosaio should be Educator of the Year because she is a hardworking teacher and always tries her best to teach the class. Also, she is a very outgoing and funny teacher at the same time. If you are struggling in science class Mrs. Rosaio is always willing to help in class or with you after school. Mrs. Rosaio is just not a one subject teacher, she teaches science, math, and forensics. If you think about it, that is three subjects for one teacher! I believe Mrs. Rosaio should be the Educator of the Year, and I hope you do too.

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