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EOY Essay

May 29, 2019
By sophiadoerr04 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
sophiadoerr04 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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   I attended Las Americas Aspira Academy for 7 years before going to Delaware Military Academy (DMA), and 3 out of those 7 years at Aspira, I had Mrs. Cane as my middle school social studies teacher. She never failed to inspire, and was very dedicated and invested in her job every day. I always enjoyed her lessons and lectures, and I have learned so much from her that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Even if I didn’t always enjoy the topic at hand, I would still be attentive due to her ability to find innovative ways to make it more interesting and pleasurable. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to nominate Mrs. Jocelyn Cane, a past DMA alumni, for Educator of the Year.

   One thing that I loved about Mrs. Cane that drove me to nominate her, was how she was always energetic and engaged with the students. Every day, her incredible enthusiasm drove me to become a more productive student. Her positivity was contagious, giving the whole class a jolt of energy and a welcoming vibe. During her lectures, she would always be able to get everyone’s attention; she made it so that everyone in the class understood, never leaving a student in the state of confusion. Most days I didn’t even want to leave her class, for curiosity had taken over me. I would get so engrossed in the subject at hand which would lead me to have further discussions and debates with my peers. She would even reward her students at the end of most Friday classes, depending on our behavior that week, with a small break which everyone appreciated immensely.

   Another attribute that motivated me to elect Mrs. Cane for Educator of the Year, is due to the fact that she usually wouldn't share her opinion with the class. She wanted us to be our true selves and acquire our own personal thoughts based on the topic or issue that was being taught. Even if her opinion had been revealed during her teachings, she always meant to not let our personal view become biased. Knowing why she rarely shared her views with students, and other lessons taught by her, showed me never to judge another’s opinion. It also showed me to accept those with different views around me, and to always treat people with respect even if I disagree with their beliefs. She truly cared for each and every one of her students and genuinely wanted the best for them never letting an individual's creativity diminish.

   Last but not least, I chose Mrs. Cane because she has a wonderful sense of humor. Her gift of humor never failed to lift the spirits of the classroom and make the information that could have been dreary, more enthralling. Many times she would share stories of her life outside of school that contained humorous aspects which would always grab students attention bringing smiles to everyone's face. She always made her best effort to help kids learn in an enjoyable manner, connecting and conversing with students in an optimistic fashion. She also wasn’t overly strict, but she did indeed have boundaries which allowed her to give all the students in the classroom a sense of freedom, never letting it get out of hand.

   I enjoyed my 3-year long experience in Mrs. Cane’s class, and I hope she has settled well at her new location away from Aspira. I will always be thankful for her and the way she nurtured the class; always filled with passion and inspiring notes. She always left room for imagination when teaching her students, and she was extremely supportive and devoted. I believe she had prepared me very well for high school, and I couldn’t have asked for a better social studies teacher in middle school. These are all the reasons why I believe, and why I am nominating, Mrs. Cane for Educator of the Year.

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