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Educator of the Year: Ms. Ahren

March 25, 2019
By alisonjohns BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
alisonjohns BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Over the years I have had so many wonderful teachers, but Ms. Ahrens is the most caring and thoughtful teacher I know. Ms. Ahrens was my PE and Health teacher at Skyline Middle School, and she was also my field hockey coach at Skyline. I nominate Ms. Ahrens for Educator of the Year for many reasons. She is very reliable and encouraging to her students, and I have never had a teacher that was better than her. She will always put a smile on your face no matter what. Ms. Ahrens has taught me so many things throughout my three years of having her as a teacher, and I will carry those lessons with me throughout my life.

Ms. Ahrens is nice to everyone, and all of her students are excited to go to her class. She is always making her students laugh by sharing funny or interesting stories that relate to the topic that she is teaching. Ms. Ahrens is kind to all of her students and is very understanding. She cares for all of her students and forms great relationships with all of them. The reason why Ms. Ahrens has a great relationship with all of her students is because she is a dedicated teacher and she knows how to teach her students in a fun way. In class Ms. Ahrens would have us do group projects and show movies or videos to help us understand more about what we were learning. She would also let us learn about a topic while having us engage with our other classmates. She truly cares for each and every student and makes sure they all succeed.

Ms. Ahrens was a teacher I always went to whenever I needed to talk to someone. I would always talk to her when I was upset or if I needed help with something. She is very trustworthy and I know I could tell her anything. She always gave me great advice that was very helpful. Ms. Ahrens always had a positive attitude when giving me advice and helped me feel better no matter what. She is always there for her students whenever they need it. All of her students go to her because she is a very approachable person. She can tell when a student isn’t feeling great and takes time to ask them if everything is okay. Ms. Ahrens always knows what to say and how to guide the student throughout their situation. Some days at school things would cause me to get upset. The first person I would talk to is Ms. Ahrens. She would always help and that is why so many students went to her for advice.

Ms. Ahrens was also my field hockey coach throughout all of middle school. She always encouraged us to try our hardest. At every practice, she had fun and challenging drills for my teammates and me to complete that helped strengthen our skills. From the start of practice to the end of practice, Ms. Ahrens taught us something new every time. No matter what activity she had us do, it always benefited us when it came to game time. She was very generous and always gave us her time. If you wanted to stay after practice for extra help with something, she was always available to help improve your skill. Ms. Ahrens constantly motivated us to run farther, never give up, and to be more aggressive on the field.

In conclusion, Ms. Ahrens is a great nominee for Educator of the Year because she is reliable, teaches in a fun way, gives great advice to her students, and she is a very dedicated coach. She is a reliable person because she is always there for her students. She knows how to teach lessons in a fun way by assigning group activities and projects. Ms. Ahrens gives great advice to her students because she knows how to problem solve. She is a very dedicated coach because she puts 100% effort in each practice and game. Those reasons are why Ms. Ahrens should be Educator of the Year.

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