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Best Educator Nomination

January 5, 2019
By JinwonSong BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
JinwonSong BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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I am a student from Delaware Military Academy (DMA), and I would like to nominate Mr. Craig Young as the best educator of the year. Before Mr. Young taught at DMA for physical education, he swam in his college years as a backstroker. He coaches swim for DMA, and what I feel, he is the best coach I’ve ever had, he is not biased, pushes us to our limits, and treats everyone like a family.

Mr. Young is not biased at all, he sees everyone as the same player no matter how good or bad they are. If a player is doing something wrong while they swim, he will help out and he will spend time with you no matter how long it takes. For me he helped me a lot in my swimming season, he fixed how I dive off the start blocks, fixed my stroke for freestyle and even taught me how to do butterfly! Of course he helps out with other people as well, giving them advice, or just telling them how to fix other people.

Another thing is he pushes us to our limits. At the beginning of the season, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do any of the strokes besides freestyle and that I would not get faster no matter how hard I tried. He saw that in me and pushed me and wouldn’t let me give up, and I am very thankful for that. I don’t think I’ll be able to be proud of myself without him pushing me. He pushes other people like how he did to me and there is a major impact to the whole team when he does.

Final thing, he treats everyone like a family. He doesn’t only treat the swim team like a family; he treats the whole school as one whole family. In my whole school career, I have not been this happy to be able to attend a school that treats everyone how they want to be treated. Mr. Young is the perfect man that treats everyone respectfully and like his own family. He is so close with the entire school and to other teachers around us too.

In conclusion, I would like to nominate Mr. Young as the best educator of the year because he is not biased, pushes people to their limits, and treats everyone like a family. I have not felt this happy in a school environment or even in a sport for a long time, and I wish that it will stay like this for a long time.

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