April 28, 2009
By sonja ramirez BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
sonja ramirez BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Sprinting the mile as I gasp for air is not my thing. I hate the thought of being sweaty. Don’t get me wrong but I do like playing sports. It’s just the sprinting that frustrates me. I never thought I would be capable of running the mile, but Ms.Seaman taught me trying leads to success.

At first, I didn’t like how strict Ms.Seaman, I felt like she was giving us pure touchier. We would always do our activities outside where it reaches up to 104degrees, I mean we do live in Arizona and it is boiling heat over here. I always think to myself may be she makes us run and do all sorts of sports outside for her own fun. But, I finally realize that we do physical education for our own health. This caught my ignorant brain. In my family the illness diabetes and cancer run in our genes. In fact my father has diabetes. I could now understand why Ms.Seaman makes us do lots of activities. The first time we did a practice mile run I thought I would faint. I did that mile in 14minutes and 27seconds.Ms.Seamen told me to paste myself while running a long distance. I would always think negative. Ms.Seaman always boosted up my sprit, telling me to try my best and you could do it if you are wiling to do so.

At school there was a freshmen mile run. I had butterflies in my stomach like when I like a cute guy. The only thing that I feared in my mind was being the last person going to the finish line. The race started. I passed many other people and I thought to myself, may be I will not be last. Finally I made it in 12minutes and 16seconds.I wasn’t last. I was proud of myself and the teacher who made it happen for me. Now I really appreciate all the hard work Ms.Seaman has done it was for a reason. The hard work had paid off. There’s no doubt about who my favorite teacher is. Many people may not like physical education but then again it’s for your health and remember trying leads

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