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Actor Dylan Sprayberry

April 15, 2012
By TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
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Dylan Sprayberry is a young actor who has appeared in many popular TV shows, such as iCarly and Criminal Minds. He's acted alongside Emily Osment in Soccer Mom and more recently guest-starred on Glee. I was just given the opportunity to interview Dylan for Teen Ink.

Rachel – Tell us about yourself.
Dylan Sprayberry – My name is Dylan Muse Sprayberry. I am 13 years old and an actor. Besides being an actor, I’m a mixed martial artist, a painter and I play a little guitar. I am very inspired by Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy, Channing Tatum , and the artful minds of Tim Burton and Jack White!
RH – How did you first become interested in acting?
DS – After I did my first commercial when I was 3.
RH – So you recently appeared on Glee; what's the episode about?
DS – In my episode, I play younger version of Matt Bomer character, Cooper Anderson.
RH – Will this be a one time appearance or will your character be recurring?
DS – For now I’m guest-starring, but I hope to be on again!

RH – What was it like working with the cast?
DS – Meeting the cast was great. My scene was mainly with the younger version of Darren Criss' character.

RH – Are you a fan of Glee in real life?
DS – Yes, I watched the first season at least three times. My favorite episode was when Kurt kicked the field goal while dancing to "All the Single Ladies"!
RH – Who were you most excited to meet?
DS – Matt Bomer!
RH – What other projects are you currently working on?
DS – Currently , I am recurring  on a USA series called “Common Law” and very excited to have just wrapped a Warner Bros feature film, Man of Steel in which I play a teenaged Clark Kent. In the film, I play a young version of Henry Cavill, my father is Kevin Costner and my mom is Diane Lane .... doesn't get much better than that!
RH – What advice do you have for aspiring actors?
DS – Focus on just doing the work and not on the results. Know the facts, tell the truth and don't be afraid to take chances!

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